Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 18, 2008

The Moustache Letters- PhD in Moustache

Hello Mark,

Did you forget to make your dust bunny payment to the Paydro gang again? Please do not forget again. I here they make people eat their own boogers if they forget to make a dust bunny payment. I am glad you are able to solve the soup crisis back home. I fear the soup I sent via ocean will come too little too late. It seems that the crabs here have control over the local shipping lanes and there is a soup embargo going on at the moment.

I have terrific news. Beard left a couple of days ago and I now have Alex’s face all to myself. Beard was getting to be a bit of a bore lately. I had a milk bath the other day. It was very soothing. I have not had a spa day for a while.

I am enjoying the sea air right now. The wind makes my whistles sway to and fro. I am a very happy moustache right now. It couldn’t be better. Nostrils haven’t been dripping on me for a while. They also tell me to say hello to you. I hope to have some friends here some day. There are other moustache’s that frolic here but they seem to be tied down by beards as well. I hope to convince them to loosen the shackles from their beards so they can be free to roam the seaside air with me.

I am doing some research right now. I am investigating to see if dinosaurs ever had moustache’s. If you know of any that did please let me know. I hope that dinosaurs had moustache’s. It will be comforting to know that moustache was part of something so furious.




  1. dear moustache

    i am plesed to hear that you are free from the shackles you call beard.and im sure that the others well catch on to your new found freedom

    i have payed my dust bunny payment the paydros just gave me a warning this time so i didnt have to eat my boogers. but they did mention something about earwax so im not going to miss my next payment

    most dinosaurs were clean shaved except one the tyrannosaurus mexican. this type of dinosaur was known for being a bully and gloating about his wonderful moustache. the other dinos were getting a little angry and while he was sleeping they….well you know the tyrannosaurus mexican changed his name to rex he couldnt handle the shame. its sad really but theres a leason in it, it sucks to be a dinosaur


    p.s. i hear they are making a movie called the moustache and the furious


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