Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 21, 2008

It’s Hip To Be Square

I have never met a group of teenagers that have been as well behaved as this group. It is very eerie. Now before any of the teens that know me back home get defensive and say, “Hey, what about us?” let me give some examples. Last night I cooked dinner. When I popped my head through the kitchen opening one would go shhh and the rest would go quiet. As soon as sharing times start not a single one will speak unless it is their turn. They ask each other if they can help out with chores. They do not complain about doing chores. They go to bed when told to and only need to be told once. They are from Lichfield, which is in Birmingham. I know Birmingham is on earth, but I am uncertain if this Lichfield is.

I have been enjoying a lot of cricket this week. Mrs. Turkadactyl tried playing for the first time last night. She bowled me out. She is really good for a beginner. Lichfield enjoys cricket so I have been making the most of the time I have with them.

We had a service last night, which was led by Ted, the leader of the pack. One of the campers read prayer and I was distracted throughout the reading. His voice at the time as well as the language used sounded much like Michael Palin’s from the part in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where he is reading from the Book of Armaments on how to use the Holy hand grenade of Antioch. Good form.

Mrs Turkadactyl has one upped me on sneaking up on sheep. She left the office this morning and one of the sheep was feeding on grass that were in the reeds. It’s back end was facing Mrs. Turkadactyl. She snuck up on the sheep and it still paid no attention to her. She started patting it on its’ back and the sheep still ignored her. Mrs. Turkadactyl then patted harder and then started saying ‘sheepy’. That received the sheep’s attention. It freaked out and ran away while the Mrs. laughed at it. I am jealous right now. Patient. Stay on target.

I made my first Camas dinner on Sunday. I frequently make a stir fry for Mrs. Turkadactyl and I back home. This time instead of dinner for two it was a dinner for twenty-seven. I did not have the luxury of using a pre-made sauce. Lucky for me I found a recipe for an orange-ginger sauce and it turned out very well. I also made the correct quantity, which I was really nervous about throughout the meal preparation.

I was a wee bit unhappy with dessert. Many have have tasted my rice krispie ‘It’s Hip To Be’ squares and have enjoyed them. It did not take too long to figure out what to make for dessert. The united Kingdom has better chocolate than Canada. Arden supports that claim. Canada has better marshmallows then the United Kingdom. I made three batches with different quantities of marshmallows and all three did not have the consistency to keep the squares together. They still tasted good but the presentation was lacking. Wish me luck. My goal is to keep the squares together.

Videos are being uploaded onto Turkavision, my YouTube account. Check in every once in a while to see if any new treats have been uploaded.


  1. Mrs Turkadactyl seems to have a strange affinity and fixation on/with sheep, maybe that explains why there are so many in your home, even though they are cuddly, silent and stuffed….
    They taste good too and make nice jumpers (sweaters)…
    Lichfield is an old Ecclesiastical centre and one of the largest diocese’s of the Church of England…near to Brum.
    Mamma Turka.. :0)


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