Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 18, 2008

Our Best 5th Anniversary Ever

Mrs. Turkadactyl and I had a splendid 5th anniversary on the 15th. Events were planned all week leading up to the big day and I think we will remember the festivities for years to come. All the Camas staff participated with various roles that were needed to make the day a success with some filling multiple roles.

On the 14th I proposed to Mrs. Turkadactyl by singing Kip Dynamites song to Lafanda after the end credits in Napolean Dynamite. Mrs. Turkadactyl said yes, again.

Adam announced our nuptials in the Abbey dining room after we ate lunch. Mrs. Turkadactyl talked with one of the Abbey staff that day who said the whole event sounded very strange. Someone needs to be hit with a little bit of creativity.

The ceremony happened on the mound in front of Iona Abbey. Josef, my best man, and I waiting patiently at the top. Adam, the vicar and tailor for Michelle’s dress, then joined us. Dot, the flower girl, began the bridal procession. The bridesmaids, Kate, Emily and Amy emerged from the Abbey. Mrs. Turkadactyl followed with her new mom and dad, Sofia (MacLeod Centre volunteer) and Tim. Amy also played the role of florist. Amy, a MacLeod Centre vollie from Canada was our photographer.

When the bridal party began the procession, Josef played his role of musician well. With recorder in hand he began the bridal march with The Imperial March from Star Wars. As Michelle drew closer he then proceeded to play My Heart Will Go On by Seline Dion. Oddly the two songs seemed to go well together.

The father and mother of the bride gave their blessing (sorry Fred and Sue, you were substituted for about 10 minutes) and Adam proceeded with his sermon. Here is what he said:

Sally watched mesmerised as a long-legged spider slowly made its way down the far wall. It stopped and she could almost imagine it looking round before it went out under the door. She hated sleeping in here with all the creepy crawlies that invaded every night. She shuddered to remember what happened to Peggy from work one night in their Anderson. Peggy had woken up to find something pinching her head. when she finally managed to untangle it from her hair, she’d discovered to her horror it was a large cockroach. She reckoned her screams could be heard for miles. Peggy said she now went to bed wearing a pale pink swimming cap. Sally smiled to herself- that must be quite a sight. (Williams, Dee. Sally of Sefton Grove. 1995. Headline Book Publishing. London. 179.)

After much laughing our vows were exchanged, I kissed the bride and then we had our photography session. It was a fun afternoon and some of the Macleod Centre volunteers joined us the watch the event unfold. Here are some photos from the event.

Kate, Amy, Mrs. Turkadactyl, Emily, Dot, and Sophia (Sweden)

L-R: Kate, Amy, Mrs. Turkadactyl, Emily, Dot, and Sofia (Sweden)

Mrs. Turkdactyl and I exchanging our vow. Adam, our theatrical vicar, in the background.

Mrs. Turkdactyl and I exchanging our vow. Adam, our theatrical vicar, in the background.

Get a room you two.

Get a room you two.

Lots of smiles.  It was a fun afternoon.

Lots of smiles. It was a fun afternoon.

Josef, the Turkadactyl's, Timbits, Sophia

Josef, the Turkadactyl's, Timbits, and Sofia

L-R; Amy, Emily, Mrs. Turkadactyl, Kate, and Dot

L-R; Amy, Emily, Mrs. Turkadactyl, Kate, and Dot

Josef, Adam, Turkadactyl, Timbits with Mrs. Turkadactyl

Josef, Adam, Turkadactyl, Timbits with Mrs. Turkadactyl

Everyone who showed up to celebrate our big day.

Everyone who showed up to celebrate our big day.

Thank you to everyone who participated with us on our anniversary. Thank you to Camas for the gift. We will enjoy a nice dinner thanks to your generosity. Unfortunately we will not have another 5th anniversary like this one so thank you for making it our best 5th anniversary ever.


  1. Mamma and Papa Williams Turkadactyl’s wished that we could have been there to celebrate your unusual 5th Wedding Anniversary. Everyone seems very happy and perhaps a little crazy ! Great sermon Adam – very touching !


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