Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 17, 2008

80’s Awareness Week

Mrs. Turkadactyl and I enjoyed a pleasant five year anniversary yesterday. We received a phone call from Mama Turkadactyl, wishing us a happy anniversary. It was exciting to receive phone call. I updated our contact info on the first post- The Roost of Turkadactyl. Mama Turkadactyl eliminated the correct numbers so if you want to call you should be able to reach us now. I will share about our theatrical wedding ceremony another day. I also have photo evidence.

the new group arrived today. My attitude has done a complete turn around compared to last week. I am really excited about this group. It seems as though there are a few in this group who understand my humour. John, a camper, will be making me an army of origami dinosaurs. It is neat how this came about. A couple of weeks ago Lawrence made me an origami pterodactyl. As Timbits (a nickname I affectionately gave to Tim) and I were heading up to the track end I told Tim that i hope someone in this group knows how to do origami. Well Emily was talking with John and somehow origami came into the conversation. Emily shared with Timbits who then told me. I am looking forward to the origami dinosaurs.

John, another camper who shares the same name, and I have talked about using Camas as headquarters to take over the world. We figured that if we can convince the ticks to join our side and protect Camas from invaders then we will be invincible. Since I have a tick head embedded in my skin it is my task to learn their language.

A few months ago I talked to Dot, our Camas coordinator, about cricket. I have longed to play for years and she told me that there is one group in particular that loves to play when they come to Camas. This is that group. I am going to be like a pig in poo this week. I am looking forward to playing a bit of cricket. We have already played a bit tonight.

This week is also 80s Awareness Week. Josef and I have a deep fondness for 80s music. Dot also has a respect for the 80s tunes. Our goal is to educate the campers in all forms 80s this week. I wish I brought my zubaz trousers.

My trip dream of slapping a sheep on its back end came true yesterday! Mrs. Turkdactyl and I were walking to the pub on Iona for a our theatrical wedding reception. One of the sheep was eating grass and it was obviously not paying attention. I seized the moment and veered off the road and gave it a nice gentle slap on its back end. I felt fulfilled after that. I still plan on continuing with my research of constructing a car out of cardboard and driving it around Camas to see if I can sneak up on sheep.

When the staff were returning to Camas this morning we found a sheep stuck in the ditch along our track. Most of the track has a ditch dug beside it to help with the draining. One of the sheep was stuck in the bog in the ditch. Of course I am a city boy so this moment was memorable for me. I grabbed the sheep’s horns and pulled it out of the bog. We all had a good laugh after that because the sheep ran to the flock and the other sheep were running away from the bog sheep. The bog stunk really bad so we reckon the other sheep did not appreciate the smell. Hmm, maybe that is why people run away from me.

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