Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 15, 2008

Turkavision Is On The Air

The Turkadactyl’s have their own YouTube channel now. Type in Turkadactyl for user. All our videos will have Turkadactyl and Turkavision for tags. There are five videos uploaded now. Hopefully there will be more to come. A link will be available in the links section.

We have a big day tomorrow. It is our five year anniversary and what better way to spend it then with a theatrical wedding. All the Camas staff are looking forward to it. It was a tough week for me. I found a tick in me. The head is still embedded in my skin. I had a tough time bonding with this group. That really caught me off guard since I have never really had much difficulty in bonding with the teenage type persuasion.

I hope to have a better week next week.

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