Posted by: Turkadactyl | April 30, 2017

Adepta Sororitas- Eleanor and Guinevere

Now that the Saint has gone marching off my painting table it’s time to focus on her bodyguards- Eleanor and Guinevere.

Eleanor WIP 1

The miniatures look great.  I have the same beef as the Saint though.  Why have them perform a delicate balancing act on a thin scroll.  There seems to be too many GW models these days precariously balancing on a thin piece of plastic ever since the Bloodthirster release.  I’ll say this much though, it’s great to finally have plastic Sisters.  I have such a large force though that if there are more plastic releases I don’t think I will add too much to my collection.

These models were faster to paint the Saint.  With a whole lot less to paint I was able to get all these base colours up fast.  This also marks the beginning of Khorne Red for my base.  I know I have already lamented over the end of my Scab Red supply but oh boy do I miss that tone.

The most difficult part to assemble was the hair.  The bangs come separate and it was a chore fixing it to the correct spot.

Now the highlights.

For a full list of colours check out my Saint Celestine WIP post.  Finishing these models gets me more and more excited for the Inner Circle unveil.  Feeling good about my chances.  Stay tuned for lots more Inner Circle updates.  the big date is May 13.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I do love the colours on the wings of both these and the saint. Really makes them pop. Totally agree with your comments about the thin plastic attaching them to the base. It’s like they are designed for show cases rather than to be transported

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    • It’s a shame they are sp delicate. They’d look great on the tabletop.


  2. Great work on them! The colors and metals are really well done and I can’t wait to see your final setup

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    • Everything is starting to come together. I’ll be posting a progress update really soon. I was feeling overwhelmed until I made my list. It’s coming near to completion and I’m feeling good about getting everything done on time.


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