Posted by: Turkadactyl | April 29, 2017

Adepta Sororitas- Saint Celestine

I have mixed feelings on the new Saint Celestine.  The model looks fantastic but why is it perched on two fragile scrolls?  I can’t see this model leaving my house two often based on how delicate the model is.  It looks great but I don’t want to take any chances of wrecking it during transport.  Okay, with the rant complete now let’s move onto showcasing the Saint.

Saint WIP 1

The model was fairly easy to assemble and thumbs up to the design.  The way some pieces fit together hide the gaps so hat tip to the design team.  There’s not much holding the model up as you can see.  There’s two thin scrolls as you can see that attach to the bottom of the robe and those scrolls aren’t glued to too much.

The back halo is also delicate.  I’m surprised I haven’t snapped it off yet.

Here’s the list of colours used so far:

  • Armour- Retributor Armour, Burnished Gold.  Then I applied Drakenhoff Nighshade in the recesses only instead of applying a wash over all the gold.
  • Robe- Regal Blue and a wash of Drakenhof Nightshade
  • Inside Robe- Scab Red (the last of my Scab Red) and a wash of Agrax Earthshade
  • Scrolls- Rakarth Flesh and a wash of Agrax
  • Roses- Screamer Pink, Emperor’s Children and a wash of Carroburg Crimson
  • Wings- Celestra Grey and a wash of Gulliman Blue
  • Sword- edge is Leadbelcher then Mithril Silver.  Inside is Dark Reaper then Thunderhawk Blue
  • Hair- Scorched Brown and a wash of Agrax
  • Armour Icons- Celestra Grey and a wash of Drakenhoff Nightshade

Next is the highlighting.

For the flesh I used Ratskin Flesh with a wash of Reikland Fleshshade.

The list of colours used for highlights:

  • Armour- Mithril Silver
  • Robe- Regal Blue, Enchanted Blue, Hoeth Blue, Lothern Blue (not seen in pictures yet)
  • Inside Robe- Khorne Red, Red Gore, Blood Red, Squig Orange.  I miss Scab Red already.  It’s darker than Khorne and  Khorne is the darkest shade of red available now.
  • Wings- Ulthuan Grey
  • Armour Icons- Ulthuan Grey

Why stop there?  Time for more highlighting!

List of paints used for highlights:

  • Scrolls- Rakarth Flesh, Karak Stone, Ushabti Bone, White Scar
  • Doves- base Celestra Grey, washed with Gulliman Blue, drybrush White Scar, edge highlights with White Scar
  • Sword interior- Fenrisian Grey, Ulthuan grey
  • Roses- Fulgrim Pink, White Scar
  • Wings- edge highlight with White Scar
  • Armour icons- edge highlight with White Scar
  • Flesh- Kislev Flesh, Flayed One Flesh.
  • Eyes- I applied Gulliman Blue and painted over with White Scar.

The only thing I have left to do is base the model.  I haven’t shown other Inner Circle projects to this extent yet because I want to keep an air of mystery to the grand unveil on May 13.  I am really excited and proud of my work with the Saint and couldn’t hold it in.  I enjoyed painting this model.  The wings were trying my patience but apart from that this model has been a blast to paint.  Stay tuned for more on May 13.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Great job. I like the blues on the robe, and the gold is nice and shiny, which suits the model.

    It is an impressive model, and I’m with you on those scrolls. Seriously? Two thin scrolls to attach it to a base? I’d say 99% of the time GW is on point, but every now and then they do something like that.


    • If one of those scrolls break there is no way to salvage the model. I’ve dropped models and with a little surgery they’re good as new. Not even Eternal Warrior will save Celestine if she snaps.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. She looks awesome! Though it is hard to tell in your post when the final pictures are, though I guess it does continue the surprise as the next image looks even better!
    I can understand the issue with the scrolls, but it has really pushed the envelope for what GW can do for dynamic fliers. It looks better than a flying stand shoved up some place awkward for a static stance on the ground.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The pictures after the super edited picture are the final product, base and weathering notwithstanding. I do prefer the flock of doves compared to the death grip she had on the dove with the old pewter model.


  3. Did you use a base coat on the models? Your models looks awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I used Retributor Armour spray for the base coat. Then I applied two coats of Burnished Gold. That colour is a discontinued GW Citadel colour. Auric Armour Gold is the comparable now to Burnished. Scroll down the post. I have a list of the base colours that I used.

      Thanks for the kind words.


  4. […] of St. Celestine, a really finely painted model indeed (you can see the process painting post here to the blog […]


  5. Thiis is a great post


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