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The Badab War YEG Battle Report #9- Minotaurs vs Lamenters

The Badab War YEG has moved into Phase IV and that means Zone Mortalis.  This is my first foray into Zone Mortalis and it is bloody.  I followed Thomas’ advice and stuck to 1000 point games.  The game starts off with a lot of movement and quickly degrades into a slaughter.  Badab War YEG has been a bloody affair so far and Phase IV did not disappoint.  This match is a follow-up from Phase III with the Minotaurs simultaneously assaulting the Lamenters planetside and boarding one of their cruisers.  The Minotaurs will assumed the role of attacker and the Lamenters are the defenders.

Lam Min 01

This mission used both the Cold Void and Catastrophic Table rules.  As well half the army has to go into reserves.  Cold Void means any guns strength four or higher have rending when shooting against a target with an armour save of three or worse.  To mitigate this a player can take elite 2+ save troops but is quality better than quantity?  The Catastrophic Table involves players each rolling one dice at the start of the turn and adding them together.  The total determines a random event in the maze.  Nothing like a little bit of randomness to ruin a game plan.



  • Asterion Moloc- Warlord (Preferred Enemy)
  • Captain- artificer armour, power fist, relic bolter (Reserves)


  • Tactical Squad (6 models)- meltagun
  • Tactical Squad (10 models)- meltagun (Reserves)


  • Hekaton Ailos (Contemptor Dreadnought) (Reserves)
  • Assault Terminators (5 models)- thunderhammer, stormshield


  • Assault cannon sentry gun



  • Captain- artificer armour, jump pack, inferno pistol, valors edge, warlord (can choose night fight for a quadrant)


  • Sanguinary Guard (5 models)- power sword (x3), power axe (x1), power fist (x1), banner
  • Furioso Dreadnought- frag cannon, heavy flamer
  • Cassor the Damned


  • Tactical Squad (10 models)- veteran sergeant (power fist, storm bolter), grav gun, heavy bolter (Reserves- combat squads)

Fast Attack

  • Assault Marines (5 models)- power sword, inferno pistol, melta bombs (Reserves)


  • Assault cannon sentry gun, breacher charge

Michael and Will both place their sentry guns in the same long corridor.  They have a 24″ range and are 26″ apart.  It looks like both sides will have to do some sneaking around.  All models can move through the large doors.  Only infantry can move through the small doors.

Turn 1

Our esteemed commanders roll on the Catastrophic Table and we start off with a bang.  Debris falls down but fails to land near any warrior.  Michael wins first turn and advances forward using the various rooms as cover.

Lam Min 02

Lam Min 03

Will applies the same strategy with his Lamenters and sneaks through the various chambers.  Neither are willing to march down the open corridor with a sentry gun covering the lane.

Lam Min 04

Lam Min 05

Lam Min 06

Turn 2

The roll-off for the Catasptrophic Table happens and the ballistic skill for all models is reduced by one for the turn.

Michael rolls for reserves and everyone joins the fight.

Lam Min 07

Lam Min 08

The Minotaurs advance forward but choose to stay in their present rooms.  The Terminators have two Dreadnoughts waiting for them on the other side.  The Tactical Marines do not want to make an easy charge for the Sanguinary Guard.  Out of sight out of mind.

Michael’s conservative approach may come to haunt him though.  Will rolls for reserves and achieves similar success with all three units arriving.  The Sanguinary Guard use their jump packs and risk the dangerous terrain tests.  They are rewarded for their bravery and come storming into the room containing Minotaur Tactical Marines

Lam Min 11

Lam Min 12

The Sanguinary Guard take aim at the Minotaurs and kill three.  Then they charge a finish the job.  Will achieves first blood and one kill point for destroying the unit.

Lam Min 13

The Lamenters Tactical Marines open the door and light up the Terminators.  The Minotaurs make all their saves and prepare for the volley of shots from the Dreadnoughts.  They manage to weather the storm.

Lam Min 09

Lam Min 10

Lamenters up 2-0.

Turn 3

Dice are rolled for the Catastrophic Table and there is no effect this turn.

The Minotaurs look to exact some revenge.  The Terminators come storming through the door and multi-charge the two combat squads of Lamenters.  One squad passes its reactionary fire test and can overwatch at full ballistic skill.  The grav gun kills one Terminator charging in.  The rest make the charge.  One unit is wiped out while the second fails its leadership and runs off the table.  Michael scores two kill points for wiping out two units.

Even though the Tactical Marines were wiped out the Terminators took two casualties in the process.  A high price to pay for victory.  The Minotaurs consolidate back to the room they charged from since the Dreadnoughts are too big to fit through the door.

The Minotaur Captain and Hekaton remain the hallway fixated on room the Sanguinary Guard entered.  They’re on high alert prepared to shoot down the elite warriors of the Lamenters.

The Sanguinary Guard remain in the room.  They are pinned with a Contemptor, Captain, 10 Tactical Marines and a sentry gun ready for fire.  The Assault Marines advance closer to the Sanguinary Guards position.


The Furioso Dreadnought opens the door and fires on the Terminators.  Moloc saves everything.

The game is tied 2-2.

Turn 4

The turn starts with no effect on the Catastrophic Table.

Moloc powers up his lance and fires on the Furioso.  The Dreadnought survives the shot.  Moloc charges and suffers three wounds from overwatch.  The Furioso then kills Moloc in combat while taking one glance.  Will scores a kill point plus the slay the warlord secondary.

The Sanguinary Guard and Assault Marines remain in their room.  Cassor advances to the door and charges the Terminators.  Cassor is able to fit his fist through the door and crushes the two veteran Minotaurs.

Lamenters are up 5-2.

Turn 5

The Catastrophic Table  proves to be deadly.  Debris falls down and hits the Lamenter Assault Marines killing three.  The ship must have been hit by a powerful gun that penetrated the defences.  The Assault Marines did not have the space in the packed room to jump out-of-the-way.

The remaining Minotaurs hold the line.  Advancing towards the Sanguinary Guard spells doom.  Michael needs the kill points but he waits for Will to make the first move.

And Will decides to break the stalemate.  The Sanguinary Guard use their jet packs and pass their dangerous terrain tests.  They shoot the Minotaurs and the Captain fails one save.  The Sanguinary Guard charge and the Minotaurs pass the reactionary test allowing them to overwatch at full ballistic.  The Lamenters Captain succumbs to his injuries during the charge.  Michael receives a secondary point for slay the warlord as well as a kill point.

The Lamenters swing their power swords at the Captain and he tanks all the wounds.  The Minotaur Tactical Marines fight back but are unable to do any damage.  The Captain swings his power fist and pulverizes three Sanguinary Guard.  The carnage doesn’t end there.  The power axe wielding Sanguinary Guard kills a Tactical Marine.  The Minotaurs, however, are able to dodge the slow-moving power fist.

Lamenters are winning 5-4.

Turn 6

Time to consult the Catastrophic Table.  An explosion happens on the ship’s deck but the blast doesn’t affect any marine.

Hecaton charges the Sanguinary Guard and crushed the last two members.  Michael receives a kill point for wiping the unit out.  The game is now a draw.

The Assault Marines use their jump packs to advance towards Hecaton’s side armour.  They pass their dangerous terrain test and take aim at Hecaton.  They manage to immobilize the ancient warrior.  Cassor and the Furioso are twisting through the corridors to the sound of battle.  They are too far away, however, to give aid.

The game ends in a draw at this point.  Since the game ends in a draw neither commander receives a command point for their faction.  Moloc is a special character and was slain so Will receives a command point for the Seccessionists so that feat.

Will could have taken the easy victory and kept his Sanguinary Guard, Captain and Assault Marines hidden in the room.  Will chose revenge instead for the loss from the previous game.  It didn’t go in his favour and Michael was able to tie the game.  It did make the game more interesting and thematic though so hat tip to Will for being so bold.

This was an enjoyable game to watch.  The models came flying off the table due to the close quarters.  I thought all the additional rules for Zone Mortalis would have been too much but it does speed up the casualty process.  There isn’t much opportunity to shoot so I can see why the extra rules have been added.  Cold Void, Catastrophic Table and Reactionary Fire are optional but personally I am a fan of having them in.  If you haven’t already played a Zone Mortalis game give it a go.  It’s a nice change from the standard GW missions.  Thanks to Thomas at High Times on the Eastern Fringe.  He recommended playing 1000 points on a 4×4 and it didn’t disappoint.

I used the Death Ray Designs terrain that I pledged in their kickstarter.  I was able to get a bit of the terrain primed when Edmonton had a brief moment above freezing.  Of course now my attention is directed to Inner Circle so terrain painting has been put on the back burner.  I’m pleased with the terrain.  It works well for Zone Mortalis and is flexible with layouts.  I’ll go more in-depth with a product review at a later date.  On the subject of product review I am looking for a good video editing app for the iPhone.  Please let me know in the comments section of any good quality apps.

Next Badab War YEG battle report will be Carcharodons versus Executioners.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Looks good clean fun. Glad the points recommendation hit the mark. 🙂

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