Posted by: Turkadactyl | May 4, 2016

Space Marines Carcharodons- Terminator Chaplain WIP

I’ve done well for avoiding finecast and pewter with my Carcharodons force.  The Terminator Librarian is finecast and I am thankful that is the only one.  I have plenty of pewter with my Adepta Sororitas, Grey Knights and Tyranids so I am thankful that the Terminator Chaplain is the only pewter model I will have to deal with.  The pewter made things a little interesting so come on in and find out why.


Here I have all of the base colours on.  All paints are Citadel- Burnished Gold (old line), Mechanicus Standard Grey, Rakarth Flesh, Scab Red (old line), Bleached Bone (old line) and LeadbelcherThe plastic base is temporary.




Then things got a wee bit interesting.  The next step was dipping in the varnish.  I am used to dipping the lighter plastic and resin models.  I started to flick the model to get the excess varnish off.  I thought I had a good grip and boy was I wrong.  The model slips out of my grip and lands in the dirt.  I’m not one to swear too much.  I usually reserve donations to the curse jar for special occasions and this was one of them.

I didn’t think I had the luxury of time to research what to do in the event of dropping a model covered in varnish in dirt.  I had a bucket close by so I filled it with water and decided to give the Chaplain a bath in hopes to get the dirt off.  Well, mixing water and varnish was not exactly the smoothest operation.  That being said I was able to get most of the dirt off.  I tried to dry off most of the water and then crossed the fingers that the model wasn’t ruined.  The only thing I could do at this point was wait.  I returned to the Chaplain the next day and the model was salvaged.  There was some dirt stuck in the varnish but I knew I could paint over it.  I dodged a bullet with this one.  I hope to make some Tau suffer with this mistake.




Next step is applying the decals then the highlights.


  1. He’s looking brilliant, glad he’s alright after the fall.


  2. I always love your gold paint. It’s just so brilliant and photogenic.

    And what better model to showcase tons of bling without appearing uncharacteristically gaudy than a Chaplain? This is the best Chaplain sculpt from GW, IMO.

    And I don’t care what Citadel’s chart says. Auric Armour Gold is not equivalent to Burnished Gold. It’s far paler and more yellow. Burnished Gold looks so much richer and vibrant.


    • I am glad I stocked up on Burnished Gold. I still have a few popts left. The paint starts off watery too so my reserve supply will not be drying out anytime soon. The gold is a great contrast from the black.

      I am looking forward to throwing in Tyberos, the Red Brethren, the Terminator Chaplain and Terminator Librarian into a Caestus Assault Ram.

      How is your Carcharodon army coming along? I’d be more than happy to showcase some more models if you’d like.


  3. Close call and glad you managed to save it.


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