Posted by: Turkadactyl | April 2, 2016

Cities of Death WIP

It takes me a long time to get motivated to assemble kits.  Like I said in my last post kit assembly is my least favourite part of the hobby.  Around a year ago I had some help assembling some of my Cities of Death buildings.  Badab War YEG is slowly getting closer and it’s time I finish of the rest of my unassembled terrain.


You may recognize some buildings from my battle reports.  There are others on the table that are fresh.  I was in-between my night sets and decided to tackle the terrain assembly.  I just finished gluing sand to some of the bases and sealing it with glue, which you will see in some of the pictures.  I’ll need terrain for Badab War YEG and I want the terrain painted for November.  I need a break from power armour.  The weather is nice in Edmonton so I’ll be priming these buildings shortly.

I wanted pedways to connect buildings.  The legs from the Skyshield and Warhammer Fantasy movement trays are perfect.  I think having pedways open up a new experience for game play with multi-levels available.


Warhammer chapel.  I bought this for my Sisters years ago.  I figured they needed a place to pray.  I tried to shave off as much Sigmar icons as possible.



Does anyone have a space clock that they are not using?  I realized after gluing it to the chapel that it would have been better on a different building (more on that later).  If you have that bit and are not using it please let me know.


A Manufactorum that can be split off into three smaller buildings if desired.  I can see the pipe getting knocked off in the future.  Until then it sure does look cool.   Lots of good sniper towers.




A large Sanctum Imperialis that can be split off into three smaller buildings.  I wished I thought ahead and didn’t glue the decorative posts onto the side of the building on the left.  Turns out there is a small gap now if I want the pedway come up to the door.  Too bad.  I’ll have to get used to the gap.



The building on the right was constructed a year ago.  Matt started to work on it and then lost his vision for the building.  It didn’t have too many practical uses and it felt like a waste of a sprue.  I wanted to salvage a building out of it and I think I have.  I added a balcony and a bell tower and the building has a new lease on life.


This is the building that I want to glue a clock onto and here’s why.  This is a bell tower.  I am also looking for a Screaming Bell from the Skaven.  If you have a spare one that you are not using please let me know.  Right now it will cost me around $15 CDN (that includes shipping) to bits order that bit and I really don’t want to spend that amount of money.


The Shrine of Aquila and Skullvale Manse.  Skullvale is a great looking piece of terrain and I am glad I bought one before it was discontinued.  Again I bought it with the Sisters in mind.


I also have the Garden of Morr that is not in any picture.  It is already assembled and painted.  I use it for display boards at events.  I’ll showcase it sometime.

I am also looking for your opinion.  I have a Skyshield that does not have certain corners attached.  I do not know if I want to attach them and want your opinion.


As you can see in the next picture having them open makes it easier to use a pedway.


The drawback is it looks like an incomplete Skyshield.  The alternative is attach the missing piece and move the wall down when playing with a pedway.



Let me know what you think.

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