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The Badab War YEG (Update March 10)

The Badab War is the largest Space Marine civil war since the Horus Heresy.  The Astral Claws were the primary chapter to patrol and maintain order in the Maelstrom Zone along with the assistance of the Lamenters and Mantis Warriors.  Over time the Maelstrom Warders became disenfranchised with Terra and sought more independent control of the Maelstrom Zone.  Motivated by greed, other factions saw a chance to strike and through a series of events the Astral Claws came under the scrutiny of Terra.  The Red Scorpions then led a contingent to bring the Warders back in line.  Secrets were revealed and treachery struck and the Maelstrom Zone spiraled into bloody conflict that involved seventeen Space Marine chapters in total.

**** This post is sticky with Tyranid ichor.  Gross.  Be sure to scroll down to see new content. ****


The Badab War YEG will occur Fall November 2016 and is open to those who live in the greater Edmonton area.  I will determine the exact date when I get an idea of how many people will be participating.  If you do not have chapter that was involved in the Badab War that is okay.  Let me know which chapter you want to represent and I’ll try accommodate your request.  Priority of course will be given to those who have the actual chapter.  The Red Scorpions and Astral Claws are the major players and I may need more than one person to represent them.  The number of loyalist chapter far exceed the secessionists so I may need multiple representatives for each secessionist chapters.  Here is the list of the chapters and who is participating or interested in participating:





You do not need to have the Imperial Armour Badab War books to participate.  The rules for the special characters and chapter tactics can be found at the Forgeworld website.  Be sure to check out Fallen Princes and the Badab Project for more inspiration.  Depending on how many people participate I may require some Astra Militarum armies.  I cannot guarantee that the Trade Lords of Karthargo and the PDF will be used.

SM Tyberos 001

What will I need?

You will need a Space Marine army.  I ask that all models used are painted a minimum three colours and based.  Why?  For one thing games are more enjoyable when all models are painted.  Secondly, it will look better in the battle reports.  Your army will be WYSIWYG or what you see is what you get.  Pop cans are not Drop Pods.  Tonka trucks are not Land Raiders.

Space Marines can get painted up really fast.  Colour number one on the armour, colour number two on the shoulder pads and colour number three on the boltgun.  I am not expecting the model to be shaded, inked and highlighted.  Just a base of three colours.


How many people do you need?

Honestly, I do not have a number in mind.  Most loyalist forces will only require one representative and I do not necessarily require every loyalist force to be represented.  I may require multiple representative for each secessionist chapter.  I reserve the right to cap the number people involved at any given moment when I believe the capacity has been reached.

Autumn in Boston Public Garden

When do we start?  What is the time commitment?

The campaign will begin Fall November 2016 and will progress into Winter 2017.  Once the participants are set I will determine when it will be a good time to start.  In the grand scheme of things I’d like everyone to get at least two to three matches with points valued between 1000-2000 points each game.  I will try to schedule a Zone Mortalis game for every participant.  The campaign will conclude with an apocalypse size game set at the Palace of Thorns.  The points per person for the apocalypse game will be determined by the number of participants.


Where will we play?

Games can be played at home or at your usual haunt.  I am a regular at GW West Edmonton and they have extended an invitation for games to be played there.  I do not have a location set for the apocalypse game.


Do you need help?

For sure.  If you have any ideas for missions pass them along.  I want to document the whole campaign through written and video battle reports.  I may not be able to attend all the games and will need help to present the battle reports.  If you can lend any expertise with writing, photography and video that will be great.  I have a Youtube channel and have plans to start a Twitch account.  I don’t know too much about Twitch and how to live broadcast so some help will be appreciated.

I have some terrain that I will need help painting.  If you have any terrain that you are willing to contribute to the apocalypse match that will be appreciated.


How much will this cost?

Nothing.  There’s no entry fee for this.  It’s a bunch of gamers coming together to forge a narrative.  I am asking for help in purchasing the 4’x4′ Zone Mortalis Battlefield Network.   I have started a GoFundMe campaign if you want to help.  Zone Mortalis was created for the Badab War and these tiles will enhance the Badab War YEG campaign.  I am well-known and respected in the local Edmonton 40K community.  You can trust me that the money will go to where it is requested.

*** Update- I have pledged to Death Rays Design Kickstarter, which includes walls that can be used for Zone Mortalis.  Please read the updates below for more details. ***


Now for the laundry.

This is a fun narrative campaign. We all like to win but winning is not the sole purpose to participate.  It’s a chance to be part of a big event in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.  Embrace the fluff of the chapter and play to have fun and enjoy the experience.  If someone is consistently getting into arguments they will be removed from the campaign.  Keep in mind that we are pushing toy soldiers across the field whose fate are decided by the random roll of a die.


So, let’s get started?

Yes please.  If you are interested leave a comment below or e-mail me at  Pass the word around about the campaign and the GoFundMe.  This will be a lot of fun and who knows, perhaps this will lead to more Badab War YEG events.  I will post more updates as they arrive.


Update- March 19, 2016

I jut went in on a Kickstarter from Death Ray Designs.  I am really looking forward to this receiving this product.  What sold me was the walls that can be used for Zone Mortalis.  They quality will not be the same as Forge World’s but what this allows is more terrain and gaming possibilities.  I can organize a two on two game with one table above ground and the second below.  The Rapid Vanguard buildings can be used a door to the catacombs.  Explosions on the surface can effect the catacombs and cause walls to cave in.  I think it will be a fun feature.  Black Site X opens up the table with squads moving around multi-levels.  The platforms can also be used as Void Shield Generators.  I plan on purchasing a few add-ons.  On top of this Frontline Gaming has a mat that can be used for Zone Mortalis games.

Delivery is estimated October 2016.  This means Badab War YEG will begin the earliest November 2016.  I will provide updates when the kits are due to arrive.  I will require help to assemble and paint the kits.  I am also asking for funding assistance.  If you want to chip in that will be great.  I also have a Go Fund Me page going too.

Update- March 20, 2016

Here’s what I have pledged for:

  • Black Site X bundle with freebies
  • Rapid Vanguard bundle with freebie
  • 50 Bulkhead wall segments

I have three weeks to decide on the following, which I am on the fence:

  • Air Recycler 3 pack
  • Generators 3 pack
  • Pallets 12 pack
  • Drop Crates 6 pack
  • Cryo Tank 3 pack
  • Trunks 8 pack

The rest I’d love to add but I am doubtful I will:

  • Stairs 3 pack
  • Vertical Access Hub
  • Landing Pad
  • HQ Hub

Update- May 25, 2016

I have decided to limit participation to seven participants on each side.  If you are interested in representing the Secessionists I will only accept Astral Claws or the Tyrant’s Legion.  I will accept any chapter from the Loyalists.  You are not required to be a Dave if you want to play Secessionists, even if it appears that way.

Update- July 13, 2016

Two more Secessionists have dropped out bringing their participant level down to three.  So this means I am no longer restricting new Secessionist players to Astral Claws.

Update- October 31, 2016

I have been working on match-ups that follow the Badab War storyline.  I wanted to try arrange games that follow the fluff in Imperial Armour.  this means that some of us will be playing two games against the same opponent.  There will be a 1250 point game, 1850 point game and a Zone Mortalis game that should fall around 1000 points.

Imperial Armour has Badab War set up in phases.  After each phase points are tallied and the winning side gets a bonus for the next phase.  Phase one will start off with Red Scorpions vs Astral Claws with the slaying of the Red Scorpions Chapter Master.  I plan on substituting my Carcharodons for the Red Scorpions.  I don’t mind playing the general for the Red Scorpions but if someone wants to take over this game let me know.

Badab War YEG will go through five phases.  The winning side for each phase will gain a bonus in all subsequent phases.  I will be taking these bonuses from Imperial Armour Volume 9.  I have the phases broken down into a rough timeline.  Talk with your opponent and arrange a date, location and time that will work for both of you.  Once a phase is complete we will move onto the next (i.e if phase 1 is complete by November 13 it is possible for phase 2 to begin sooner depending on the availability of participants).

Phase 1

Alex (Red Scorpions) vs Jerrod (Astral Claws)- Special Mission -Red Scorpion victory (3 CP)

Jerrod (Salamanders) vs Dave B. (Astral Claws)- 1850 pts – Astral Claws victory (1 CP)

Phase 2

Michael (Minotaurs) vs Dave B. (Executioners)- 1250 pts -Executioner victory (2 CP)

Michael (Minotaurs) vs Will (Lamenters)- Special Mission – Minotaur victory (4 CP to 1 CP)

Andrew (Star Phantoms) vs Jerrod (Astral Claws)- 1250 pts – Astral Claw victory (1 CP to 1 CP)

Phase 3

Alex (Carcharodons) vs Jerrod (Astral Claws)- Special Mission – Carcharodon victory (1 CP)

Andrew (Star Phantoms) vs. Dave B. (Executioners)- Special Mission- Executioner victory (3 CP)

Jerrod (Salamanders) vs Will (Lamenters)- 1250 pts- Lamenters victory (2 CP)

Phase 4

Alex (Carcharodons) vs Dave B (Executioners)- Zone Mortalis- Carcharodons victory (1 CP)

Andrew (Star Phantoms) vs Jerrod (Astral Claws)- Zone Mortalis- Astral Claws victory (1 CP)

Michael (Minotaurs) vs Will (Lamenters)- Zone Mortalis- draw, no CP; Moloch slain (1 CP to Secessionists)

Phase 5 (Date TBA)


Update – November 03,2016

Phase bonuses

After each phase the winning side will receive a bonus in the subsequent rounds (except phase 5).  Special missions receive more command points for their side.  Special missions will receive 3 command points.  Victory in a Boarding Action/Zone Mortalis mission will receive 2 command points.  All other victories will receive 1 commands points.  Wounding a special character will receive 1 command point (as per character casualty table).  A special character being removed from the campaign due to being a casualty will be 3 command points (as per character casualty table).

Phase 1

Loyalists- Command of the Space Lanes- +1 to all Reserve rolls in campaign phase 2, 3 and 4.  Will receive Strategic Redeployment strategic asset for campaign phase 5.

Secessionists- Corsair Traffic- May re-roll Deep Strike scatter dice in campaign phases 2, 3 and 4.   Will receive Ambush strategic asset for campaign phase 5.

Loyalists win Phase 1 three to one and gain Command of the Space Lanes

Phase 2

Loyalists- Attacking on all Fronts- Fast Attack units count as scoring units in campaign phases 3 and 4.   Will receive Replacements strategic asset for campaign phase 5.

Secessionists- Heavy Support units count as scoring units in campaign phases 3 and 4.   Will receive Shield Generator strategic asset for campaign phase 5.

Loyalists win Phase 2 five to four and gain Attacking On All Fronts

Phase 3

Loyalists or Secessionists- Masters of Destruction- Each player in the victorious side gains a single strategem point to use in Phase 4.

Loyalists-  Will receive Careful Planning strategic asset for campaign phase 5.

Secessionists-  Will receive Tunnels strategic asset for campaign phase 5.

Secessionists win Phase 3 five to one and each player gains one strategem point for Phase 4

Phase 4

Loyalists or Seccessionists- Battlefield Supremacy- Extra Apocalypse strategem in phase 5.

Loyalists-  Will receive Orbital bombardment strategic asset for campaign phase 5.

Secessionists-  Will receive Indiscriminate Bombardment strategic asset for campaign phase 5.

Secessionists win Phase 4 two to one

Phase 5

The winner of each phase will receive the Apocalypse strategic assets listed above.


  1. This will be pretty awesome, I hope you can rally enough people to get the campaign going. I’m on the wrong side of the pond …

    A 4*4 ZM board (16 tiles) would be awesome but I don’t think you would need a board that big. 3*3 (9 tiles) is quite good, that’s the size of my board, and 3*4 would certainly be enough. ZM is often played at lower point levels.


  2. Good to know. Thanks.


    • No probs on the Reddit shout out, us Grey Marines stick together 😉 You are a great source of all things Carcharadons, so naturally I recommended they visited!


      • Grey Marines stick together!


  3. I’m not in the area sadly, but this article has tempted me to start an Exorcist army, even just a small one. Time will tell, I suppose!


    • The call of the plastic crack is strong isn’t it. Just when I thought I would stop collecting any new armies GW released Mechanicus.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It is indeed! I didn’t realise how scary the Exorcists’ backstory is, such a dark chapter. There’s always so much scope for starting new GW armies.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I recommend the Badab War Imperial Armour books. They are a great read. The books tell the story of events leading up to the war, describe notable fights and the aftermath. Each chapter also gets a a small section dedicated to it. I expect Forge World to release an updated version for both books in the near future so it may be best to wait.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for the tip, I’ll keep an eye on Forgeworld in the future. Would be good to get some more info on these chapters


  4. Hey Turk,

    What packages did you decide to pledge for on the Kickstarter? Any insight on how you decided to blueprint your corridors, or did you just buy more than enough walls for any possible setup and go from there?


    • I’ll clean up the update to specify what I’m pledging/purchasing.

      I looked at the Forgeworld 4×4 ZM bundle and estimated 50 wall segments. Death Ray Designs did their own estimate for me and estimated 48 wall segments. This is for a 4×4 board. The walls will allow a bit more flexibility with corridor length and width as well as how the maze will look.

      There are a few factors that sold me on this kit compared to the others in my ZM research post. One is assembly. The assembly looks to be fast. Paired with a F.a.T mat, painting should be quick. Cost was another factor. Forge World is fantastic. But the cost is high. Buying these walls opens up more money into more scenery. I want to have two tables going where fighting on the surface affects what is going on underground. The Rapid Vanguard provides, in my mind, entrances to the underground. Imagine an ordnance blast caving in the structure underneath pinning those caught below. It’s a unique opportunity for random events.

      These kits also provide a different aesthetic from the GW terrain kits. The GW kits look good but some change is also nice.

      I sure am getting excited for this.


    • Updated with my pledge


  5. Hi Turkadactyl, sorry off topic question, I’ve been looking all over the Internet for a Carcharodons transfer sheet I don’t suppose you have any spares you’d be willing to sell? Thanks


    • Hello Joe,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Sadly I do not have any decals available at the moment. The ones I do have I am hanging onto until I am for certain finished collecting and painting the army. Good luck with your search and thanks for visiting.


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