Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 2, 2016

Space Marines Carcharodons- Caestus Assault Ram Assembly

The day I assembled the Caestus Assault Ram has finally arrived.  I’ve been putting this project off for months for a couple of reasons.  First of all I wanted to get a lot of boots on the ground so I focused a lot of my time and energy on infantry models.  The second reason- this model looks intimidating to assemble.  If you have worked with Forgeworld then you know the assembly is a lot like trying your luck at a casino.  If the cast is good you win.  If the cast is bad, well you’re in for a frustrating night.


I will admit that I waited too long to assemble this model.  This model arrived January 2015.  I should have assembled it sooner in the event of a miscast it would have been easier to settle the issue with Forgeworld.  Things got off to a rocky start.  I clipped the pieces and two parts snapped that shouldn’t have and a hole being created in another piece.  Then I did some dry fitting and there were some gaps.  Well, that serves me right for waiting for so long to get started.

I played it cool though.  Perhaps there is a chance to salvage this operation.  If you are thinking about getting Forgeworld I recommend it.  The models are spectacular.  My best advice for you is this- dry fit everything.  Make sure you know where each piece goes and if it is necessary to pin anything.

The Caestus has a lot of solid pieces and it was necessary to pin it.  I thought it was necessary to put multiple pins into parts.  I’ve tried doing multiple pins in a part in the past with little success because if one pin was off it screwed the whole thing up.  Due to the size and weight of the pieces I believed it was necessary this time.

For the first step I glued the inside walls to the center piece.  To ensure the correct placement I did a dry fit of an “arm” or hatch and held it against the center piece to make sure everything lined up.  Each hatch consists of two pieces that snap together so it made it easy to hold up against the center piece.  I then popped the outside of the hatch and drilled two holes.  I did the same to the other side.  I took the inside of the hatch off, glued the two parts and stuck the pins in.  I was planning on gluing the door of the hatch shut so I wasn’t worried about a pin sticking out since it would not be exposed on the outside.  I wrapped some rubber bands around the model and let it set.

I had a side project on the go while I assembled the Caestus.  I had to re-caulk the bath tub so I go upstairs and work on the tub and let the glue set on the Caestus.  I needed something to distract me because I knew I was going to be impatient waiting for the glue to set and I needed to be patient on this project.


The next step is gluing the outside half for each hatch.  I put three pins on both sides and remarkably everything lined up.  I had a stroke of good luck here.  The biggest gaps with the hatches were covered up by the cockpit in the middle.  I wrapped everything up with rubber bands again and off to the tub I go.



Now it is time to start the wing assembly.  Only one pin is connecting the wing base to the cockpit.  Both parts consist of solid pieces of resin so I drilled deep into both.  I also pinned the engines into the wing bases.  I’m not taking any chances with this beast.  Now I had some chores to do in the kitchen to keep me distracted.


I am coming close to completion now.  I pin and glue the melta cannon at the front and do the same with the wings.  I am able to drill deep into the wings and the wing bases.  Everything is coming together perfect.  I sit the Caestus on the table and the wings sit flush with the bottom of the model.  I distract myself with another chore.  When I return I glue the rear engines onto the back (sorry no picture).



There’s a few gaps on the model but it’s nothing a little bit of green stuff can’t handle another night.  I am really pleased with the end result.  I was angry about the damage caused with the clipping at the start but when the dust settled those areas were covered.  I’m glad I was patient and was able to distract myself with other projects around the house.  Those chores gave the glue time to set.  I highly recommend that this model is pinned.  It is heavy and the pins give the pieces more durability.

I participated in the Dragon Forge kickstarter for resin tech bases.  One is flyer size and the other is the same size that an Imperial Knight uses.  I am not confident that the flyer base is big enough.  They are in the mail now as I am writing this and I am looking forward to them arriving.  I have to wait for warm enough weather to start the priming process.

I am looking forward to playing games with this model.  I think the Caestus suits the Carcharodons style of play.  I am able to transport 10 Terminators in this bad boy.  Tyberos has a new ride.


  1. Wow I had no idea the model assembly was that complicated. Nice job bringing it together!

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  2. Thanks. It looks so simple but once I started to dry fit and see the picture it became apparent that pinning was necessary. I’ve been wanting to play with this model since before I ordered it so expect to see a lot of it in my batreps.


  3. That is easily my favorite flyer of the entire Space Marines range. I can’t wait to you putting paint on it. Are the rules any good?

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    • The rules are fluffy. The Caestus is meant for ship boarding actions. It has a melta cannon that melts a hold in the hull of a ship and then the two hatches open for the Marines to board. The melta cannon is a large blast template so it is not useful against zooming flyers or swooping flying monstrous creatures. It also has a one shot heavy four small blast weapon, so again not useful against flyers in the air.

      It’s big thing is it can ram other flyers that are zooming. It’s front armour is 13 to pack that extra punch as well (the downside is armour 11 on the rear). The Caestus rolls two D6 and pick the highest for armour penetration and add one to the roll for damage on the table so it is possible to explode a flyer in the air. It also gets a five plus invulnerable save against all attacks on the front.

      It fits the Carcharodons mantra. Fluffwise the Carcharodons do a lot of ship boarding actions. They like the shock tactics and this flyer suits that. It can zip across the board fast. Go second and ram a flyer.

      It reminds me of the Simpsons episode with Stampy the elephant where Stampy rams other elephants. The man talking to Bart syas that some animals are jerks and then shows Homer ramming that man with his head. And a light just went on in my head- I will call it The Odyssey in honour of Homer.

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