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Roost 40K Written Battle Report 017 – 1500 points Tyranids vs Space Wolves

James and I have played a few games lately and he is starting to get a handle on 40K.  NOw that his feet are wet I asked him if he wanted to go through the Tyranid Altar of War missions.  This batrep we are using the first Tyranid mission from Altar of War.  Off the top of my head I think the mission is called Vanguard Infestation.

I play this mission as the fluff suggests.  The vanguard force for a Tyranid fleet is Genestealers and Lictors.  99.9% of the time I could care less what my opponent will bring.  This mission is the exception.  I have no way to deal with flyers with a Tyranid vanguard list.  I’ve played this mission before and my only request is no flyers.  James happily obliged with my request.  I will have to deal with something far scarier- the Wulfen.

James used his Wulfen in a previous games versus my Carcharodons and these models are close combat terrors.  If you haven’t played against Wulfen yet they are a target priority.  Make sure they got shot up because if at least one makes into combat you will regret it.  Genestealers are jealous of the pain Wulfen can bring in combat.

Here are the parameters of the vanguard Infestation.  The board is divided into six even sections with an objective placed in the middle of each section.  Each objective is worth three victory points by the end of the game.  The only secondary is slay the warlord.  Tyranids are the attacker.  The defender sets up first by rolling a D6 for each unit.  Each unit is placed in the section matching the die roll.  The Tyranid player gets first turn and rolls a die for each unit, which determines the section the unit starts off in.  Tyranid models start the game off the table and either arrive off the board edge first turn or placed in reserve.  Luck is a big factor here.  If units are spread out over the table they could potentially be taken apart piecemeal.

The table section rolled for each unit is included in brackets.

Tyranids- Hive Fleet Kodiak


  • Death Leaper (5)


  • Genestealers with Broodlord (13 models)- Broodlord (toxin sacs, scything talons, pysker- mastery level 1, warlord- It Will Not Die and Fearless) (6)
  • Genestealers with Broodlord (13 models)- Broodlord (toxin sacs, scything talons, pysker- mastery level 1) (3)
  • Genestealers with Broodlord (13 models)- Broodlord (toxin sacs, scything talons, pysker- mastery level 1) (1)
  • Genestealers with Broodlord (13 models)- Broodlord (toxin sacs, scything talons, pysker- mastery level 1) (5)
  • Genestealers with Broodlord (13 models)- Broodlord (toxin sacs, scything talons, pysker- mastery level 1) (5)


  • Lictor (5)
  • Lictor (6)
  • Lictor (4)

Space Wolves

James didn’t write a list out so I am going from what I see in the pictures.  James went with formations so I’ll just list the models he took.

  • Rune Priest- terminator armour, mastery level 2 (Biomancy), warlord- re-roll failed rolls in a challenge (5)
  • Arjac (4)
  • Wolf guard Terminators (5 models)- heavy flamer and wolf claw, storm shield and thunderhammer, power sword and storm bolter, dual wolf claws, chain fist and storm bolter (4)
  • Wolf guard Terminators (5 models)- assault cannon and wolf claw, storm shield and thunderhammer, power sword and storm bolter, dual wolf claws x2 (5)
  • Thunderwolf Calvary (3 models)- thunderhammaer and storm shield (5)
  • Wulfen (5 models)- claws x2, axe x2, thunderhammer and storm shield (1)
  • Wulfen (5 models)- claws x2, axe x2, thunderhammer and storm shield (4)
  • Predator- autocannon turret, two lascannon sponsons (6)

James places his models as close to the middle as possible to avoid a first turn charge.  The models that are closest to the board edge are hiding in terrain to take advantage of the Genestealers lack of assault grenades.






Now it is time for the Tyranids to strike.  I choose to have the Lictors walk onto the board.  I double checked the rules and it looks like the rule forcing them to deep strike has been removed.  They come skipping onto the board hand in hand with the Genetealers.

The Genestealers in section 1 advance towards six and the Predator.  There is no way I am charging 5 Wulfen in cover.  The Warlords pack runs towards the Predator.  The Genestealers in 3 advance into 2 and towards the objective.  They are all by their lonesome and will probably be isolated from any action  for the entire mission.  Everything else either starts in 5 or moves into said section and forms a big mob.  The Rune Priest is within striking distance of my mob of bugs.  I’ve been playing 40K since third edition and I am still not used to being allowed to charge on the first turn.  If I am missing something please let me know.





I cast The Horror multiple times and either fail to cast or James passes the leadership tests with a -2 modifier.  James rocked these tests the entire game until turn four.

All units in the big mob above successfully charge the Rune Priest and a unit of Wolf Guard Terminators.  That mob contains two broods of Genestealers, two Lictors and the Deathleaper.  The Space Wolves are wiped out but manage to take out eight Genestealers thanks to hiding in cover.  I hide the Lictors in the jungle and protect them with a ring of Genestealers.



Space Wolves Turn 1

The Predator turns around and shoots down two Genestealers in the Warlord’s brood.  The Thunderwolf Calvary charge a brood of Genestealers and kill all but one.  The lone ranger breaks and runs away.  The Thunderwolf Calvary take two wounds in combat.  Arjac and Wolf Guard Terminators succumb to the curse of the Wulfen and gain Hammer of Wrath for the turn.  The other Wulfen squad jump out of the bastion and advance towards the Genestealers in the ruins.


Tyranids Turn 2

I had a plan for the Genestealers to assault multiple targets this turn but not every brood got the memo.  All of the Lictors charge the Wulfen.  I forgot that the Wulfen get to fight back even if killed prior to their initiative step.  That didn’t matter.  The Wulfen took one wound to the flesh hooks shooting attack.  The pack leader took a wound in combat.  The storm shield tanked everything else and only took one wound.  The Wulfen killed three Lictors in combat and the fourth ran away.


The brood of Genestealers that eliminated the Rune Priest attempted to charge Arjac and company and failed miserably.  They were not so fleet of foot.  The Warlord and brood attempted a charge on the Thunderwolf Calvary but could not motivate themselves to jump off the ledge.  The Genestealers in the ruins charged the Predator and shredded the armour with ease.



Space Wolves Turn 2

Arjac and company gain an extra six-inch movement due to the Wulfen curse.  They kill one Genestealer from shooting and then charge.  They win combat but lose three brothers in the process.  James does not like the number one.

The Thunderwolf Calvary charge the Warlord and fail five saves.  The unit only had four wounds left so they are wiped out before causing any damage.

The Wulfen charge the Genestealers that wrecked the Predator.  They kill eleven and lose two models in the fray.  The Broodlord and one Genestealer break and run towards the closest board edge.

Tyranids Turn 3

The fleeing Broodlord casts Dominions and automatically regroups.  The Lictor regroups and runs to section 4 and as far away as possible from the Wulfen.  The Warlord casts its attention to the Wulfen that shredded its kin and charges.  The Warlord charges and loses five Genestealers.  Its hunger begins to be satiated with the death of two Wulfen.




Space Wolves Turn 3

Arjac and company get an extra six-inch movement from the Wulfen curse.  This is big because I thought I had another turn before having to deal with Arjac.  This extra move allows Arjac to get into combat.  Arjac issues a challenge and instantly kills my Warlord.   The Genestealers manage to kill the remaining two Terminators as well as the last Wulfen.  The Wulfen slays three Genestealers with its Death Frenzy special rule (gets to attack strike back even if killed before initiative step).  Arjac now stands alone.


Tyranids Turn 4

I have two Broodlords left and both target the surviving Wulfen squad with the Horror.  James finally fails a leadership test and the unit is pinned.  Arjac is locked in combat with four Genestealers and now has to contend with a Broodlord who has joined the fight.  The Broodlord hisses a challenge and Arjac accepts only to be slain.  Both broods run further into section one and away from the Wulfen.


Space Wolves Turn 4

Pinned.  This is big for me as it allows me to distance myself from the Wulfen.

Tyranids Turn 5

We call the game at this point.  I move a brood into section 6 and the other to the objective in section 1.  I have a full brood hanging out in section 2 and a Lictor in section 4.  James could chase down my two injured broods but I am still claiming two objectives.  If he had more guns and bodies it may have been a different story.  If the Predator moves away from my models in turn 1 it could have sniped the Lictor and the Genestealers broods with a low model count.


The Tyranids  come out with a taste for Space Wolves and our next game will be mission two from Tyranids Altar of war.


  1. Great bat rep. Genestealers and Lictors are such an awesome army combo. Maybe not the most competitive but when you play narrative missions it doesn’t matter so much.


  2. Wow you are really on a roll with posts lately, good ones and all. Thanks for the good report, twas a nice read.


  3. Thanks. Camera shake was not as bad that day either. No bat rep this week sadly. James and I are in a doubles event Saturday so lots to come in a couple of weeks.


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