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January 2016 Out Of The Basement Day 2

Day 1 was a blast.  Space Marines was the theme for the day.  Day 2 would present the other side of the coin- Xenos.

Here is the list I played with for the weekend:

Carcharodons Gladius Strike Force

Battle Demi-Company

  • Captain- power armour, power sword
  • 5 Tactical Marines- sgt, bolter, boltgun, close combat weapon upgrade (Carcharodons can give Tacticals a CCW for one point per model)
  • 5 Tactical Marines- sgt, bolter, boltgun, close combat weapon upgrade
  • 5 Tactical Marines- sgt, bolter, boltgun, close combat weapon upgrade (Carcharodons can give Tacticals a CCW for one point per model)
  • 3 Assault Centurion Marines- siege drill, twin-linked flamers
  • 3 Devastator Centurion Marines- grav cannon and grav amp, missile launchers

Strike Force Command

  • Tyberos- Warlord (preferred enemy-infantry)
  • 5 Honour Guard- chapter banner

1st Company Task Force

  • 10 red Brethren Assault Terminators- lightning claws
  • 5 Assault Terminators- thunderhammer and stormshield
  • 5 Sternguard- 2 missile launchers

Game 4

The day started of with Mark and his Tau.  My Carcharodons have never fared well against the Tau.  I have built the Carcharodons for close combat, the way of the fluff.  I do not have any transports so that means slogging across the table and the Tau salivate at that prospect.  We used ITC mission 4 with both sides having a 24″ deployment zone.  That means advantage Tau.  Mark is rocking a whole lot of interceptor weapons so I will not be deep striking the Terminators.  This is also my first game against the Stormsurge.


Farsight Enclave with Retaliation Cadre

  • Commanader- 2 missiles, drone controller, target lock
  • 2 Crisis Suits- 4 missiles, bonding
  • 2 Crisis Suits- 4 missiles, bonding
  • 2 Crisis Suits- 4 fusion blasters, bonding
  • 3 Broadsides- missiles, bonding
  • Riptide- ion
  • Drone Network- 4 units with 4 marker lights each unit


  • Commander- 2 missiles, neroweb, iridium, puretide, drone controller, 2 marker drones, target lock


  • 12 Kroot
  • 12 Kroot


  • 1 Crisis Suit- 2 burst cannons, bonding

Lord of War

  • Stormsurge- pulse, shield generator, air burst, advanced targeting, early warning

We roll off and Mark wins the chance to pick deployment and also chooses second turn.  Both deployment zones are exactly the same.  I put all of my heavy hitters on the front line.  The Red Brethren are deployed into combat squads.  I park my Sternguard on the objective in the bastion.  The Tactical Marines stay in the back field to protect the other objective.  There is an objective hiding underneath the Skyshield in the middle of the mat.  Mark places his Commander with some drones in the middle of his back field.  The Stormsurge is on his left and a unit of Drones hide behind his bastion.


I advance the Terminators and Centurions.  The Honour Guard hang back in anticipation of Mark’s deep strike moves.  Tyberos targets the Commander with an orbital bombardment.  The ordnance scatter and destroys two drones beyond recognition.  The Sternguard and grav Centurions manage to put two wounds on the Stormsurge.

Mark’s makes use of his marker lights.  The Stormsurge eliminates the grav Centurions and puts nine wounds on a unit of Red Brethren.  I fail four of the nine armour saves.  Not a good first impression for a 2+ save.

Mark is up 1-0 on Maelstrom.

Turn 2

My turn is quick.  Run the Terminators up the field.  Tyberos leaves the Assault Centurions and joins the Honour Guard, who stay in my deployment zone.  They will be supporting the Tactical Marines.  The Sternguard target the Stormsurge and remove one wound.  Two Tactical Marine units surround an objective in my deployment zone.


Mark rolls for reserves and everything comes in.  The Kroot outflank on both asides.  The Broadsides mishap and I place them by the Honour Guard.  A unit of Drones land beside the Honour Guard.  The rest of the unit deep strike around the Terminators, forming a horseshoe.


Now it is time for Tau do to what they do best and that is shoot.  The Stormsurge surveys the field and picks its targets.  It starts with the Tactical Marines on the objective and kills four from one unit and 2 from the other.  It then targets the five man squad of Red Brethren and four succumb to the volley of fire.  The Sternguard survive the fire sent their way.  The fusion blaster suits land close the Red Brethren that was decimated in turn one and eliminates the last surviving member.  The Kroot shoot the last Tactical Marine that survived the Stormsurge and manage to kill the last member.  The Honour Guard are targeted by to Crisis Suit unit and the Broadsides.  4 Honour Guard are slain in the making of this battle report.


Mark is winning maelstrom 3-2.

Turn 3

It’s time to collect some fish heads.  The two surviving Tactical Marine units target the Kroot in the open and four survive the volley of fire.  The Assault Centurions attempt to get up the Skyshield and the best I could roll with three dice is a three.  One makes it to the edge of the platform and kills a drone.  Tyberos leaves the Honour Guard to target the Broadsides while the Honour Guard target the Drones.  Both make the charge and wipe out the units.  Tyberos takes two wounds from overwatch.  The last Red Brethren charges two Crisis Suits and dies to overwatch thanks to supporting fire.  The thunderhammer Terminators charge a Crisis Suit and easily dispatch it.  They surround the objective.  The Assault Centurions fail their charge.


Up to now my 2+ armour saves have been atrocious.  This round balances out everything that happened before.  The Stormsurge targets the Sternguard and eliminates the squad.  Everything else targets the thunderhammer Terminators and I only fail one save and that was a 3+ invulnerable.  Mark is not able to push me off the objective.  I am winning 5-4 on maelstrom.


Turn 4

As much as I want to go after the Stormsurge the thunderhammer Terminators look to the mission and move towards the objective behind the bastion.  They attempt a charge on the drones and fail.  The Riptide supports the Drones and kills two Terminators to overwatch.  One Tactical Marines unit advance to the Kroot by the rocks, killing two Kroot to bolter fire and fail the charge.  The other squad advance to the Kroot and kill three to bolters.  Tyberos and the Honour Guard move towards the rocks in the back corner.  The Assault Centurions advance towards a Crisis Suit with Drones.  Three wounds are removed from the unit in shooting and they fail the charge again.

Mark starts his turn by targeting the thunderhammer Terminators.  This turn does not prove to be as lucky and the two models are quickly removed.  The full squad of Tactical Marines are the next targets.  They go to ground but even the open ground does not provide enough cover to survive.  I lose one Assault Centurion.


Mark is winning on maelstrom 6-5.

Turn 5

Well, this was expected now wasn’t it.  I move Tyberos behind the rocks to prevent slay the warlord.  The Tactical Marines and Tyberos charge the last two Kroot and slay the unit.  The Captain is out in the open.  The Assault Centurions advance towards a Crisis Suit and remove a model.  Mark then dispatches the Assault Centurions and that is the game.  Mark wins 10-0.

Given the predictability this was still a fun game.  Mark ended up receiving my best sports vote and it was a tough decision for me.  Mike, who I faced on day two, was someone else I wanted to vote for best sport.

Game 5

Game five saw me return to the table where I faced Apo in-game three.  I was up against Kyle and his Nurgle army.  We are using ITC mission five.  There will not be too many photos for this batrep due to my forgetfulness.


  • Herald of Nurgle- warlord (re-roll instability), greater locus of fecundity, exalted rewards, portal, basic summoning, scorched earth
  • Herald of Nurgle- greater locus of fecundity, lesser reward, +1 reserve rolls, dark flame


  • 10 Plaguebearers
  • 10 Plaguebearers

Fast Attack

  • 2 Blight Drones
  • 2 Blight Drones
  • 2 Blight Drones

Heavy Support

  • Soul Grinder- phlegm bombardment
  • Soul Grinder- phlegm bombardment
  • Soul Grinder- phlegm bombardment

Kyle places his Soul Grinders in the two ruins in his deployment zone.  The Warlord is attached to a unit of Plaguebearers and are hanging out with two Soulgrinders.  The second Herald is distributing its filth with the other plaguebearers in the woods at the front of their deployment.  I park the Sternguard on the top-level of the ruins.  A Tactical Marine unit is on the bottom level.  A second unit of Tactical Marines hides in another ruin that is close to an objective that the third squad is sitting on.  Everything else is spread out on a line with the intent to advance forward.  The Red Brethren are divided into combat squads.

Kyle places the portal down and it lands behind his Soulgrinders.  Four Pink Horrors emerge.  Ten Pink Horrors are then summoned.  I lose a thunderhammer Terminator to shooting.  I move my frontline up and cause no wounds.  We are tied 1-1 on maelstrom.




Turn 2

2 units of Blight Drones arrive from reserve.  The portal produces two more Pink Horrors and ten Daemonettes are summoned.  Kyle has +1 to his invulnerable saves due to the warpstorm.  Kyle is able to kill one Tactical Marine and one Red Brethren.

My front line advances.  I shoot at a unit of Blight Drones, who then jink and survive.  The thunderhammer Terminators charge the Daemonettes.  I lose two models and Kyle loses one.  One squad of red Brethren fail their charge into the Plaguebearers.  I am winning on Maelstrom 3-2.

Turn 3

Ten more daemonettes are summoned.  Warpstorm gives -1 to invulnerable saves.  The Blight Drones target my Tactical Marines, who go down easy.  The Daemonettes slay the thunderhammer Terminators in combat.

The grave Centurions target the Deamonettes and do minimal damage.  The Honour Guard charge the Daemonettes and slay the unit.  Tyberos and the Assault Centurions failed the charge.  The Red Brethren make into the Plaguebearers and win combat by one.  I am winning on maelstrom 4-3.

Turn 4

The portal brings in five Pink Horrors and 10 Daemonettes are summoned.  The Honour Guard are targeted by the Soul Grinders and two are killed.  The Blight Drones target the remaining Tactical Marines claiming the objective in my deployment zone.  One unit of Blight Drones goes into ongoing reserve.  A Daemonette squad charge the Honour Guard and lose by one.  The Captain lost a wound in the melee.

The grav Centurions and Sternguard target the fresh Daemonette squad and kill two.  The other Red Brethren unit fails the charge to support their brothers in combat with the Plaguebearers.  The Assault Centurions move back in to my deployment to claim the objective in the open.  I am winning on Maelstrom 6-4.

Turn 5

A Soul Grinder emerges from the ruins and charges the Red Brethren.  Two are slain on combat.  The Blight Drones target the Sternguard and last Tactical Marine squad in the ruins.  I lose three models from both units.  More Daemonettes charge into the Honour Guard and the Honour Guard are killed.  The Red Brethren manage to kill a couple more Plaguebearers.

I charge Tyberos into the Soulgrinder in hopes to get some lucky rolls.  Tyberos is killed in combat.  The grav Centurions shoot a unit of Blight Drones, who jink the shots.  The Assault Centurions move to the middle to claim king of the hill.  Combat between the Red Brethren and Plaguebeaers does not solve anything.  I am winning on maelstrom 6-5 and I end up winning the game 6-5.  It was a tough game.  If it went longer I would have lost.  I didn’t have the answer to Kyle spawning models and the rending of the Daemonettes proved to be too much for me.  Thank you random game length.  This is also the first game I have never been able to get my Assault Centurions into assault.

Game 6

As the line-up was being read I was initially set to play Jace.  I haven’t seen Jace for years and we were both excited to face off against each other.  He had Orks so we were destined for close combat.  The organizer had other plans.  Our neighbours had already played each other so we had to switch.  Jace and I exchanged information and we will try get together in the near future.

My new opponenet was Jonah and his Necrons.   His list was on his phone so this is the list from the top of my head.  He had an Overlord with ten Lychguard, a Spyder, six Wraiths, scarab swarms, two 20 model strong units of Warriors, a unit of Immortals and six Tomb Blades.  This list was part of a formation that boosted reanimation protocols.  Jonah had reanimation protocol rolls on a 4+ and could re-roll rolls on 1.  Well, crap.

Jonah spreads his line out.  I blob in the middle in hopes to overwhelm and then take care of the rest.  Well, I was in for a surprise.  We are playing ITC mission six.


Jonah advances his army forward and end up on the edge of the crater and wrecked flyer.  The Tomb Blades manage to kill two Tactical Marines.

I move up and open fire.  Tyberos targets the Overlord and Wraiths with the orbital bombardment.  The ordnance scatters and a Wraith makes the invulnerable save.  Jonah didn’t lose a single model to shooting due to his reanimation protocol bonuses.  The thunderhammer Terminators attempt to charge the Wraiths and fail.  The Assault Centurions failed the charge on the Lychguard.


I am winning 2-1 on maelstrom.

Turn 2

The Deathmarks land beside my Sternguard.  Jonah forgets about them after that and they do not fire their guns.  The Warriors on my left shoot my Red Brethren and kill a model.  The Tomb Blades target the Honour Guard, who survive the volley.  The Warriors to my right target the thunderhammer Terminators and I make all my saves.    The Immortals camping in the ruins shoot the Red Brethren that were targeted by the Warriors and slay a model.  The Scarabs charge the wounded Red Brethren.  I remove one wound on the swarm and remove a Red Brethren in the process.  The Wraiths charge the thunderhammer Terminators and kill two.  I cause no damage back.  The Lychguard and Overlord charge the Assault Centurions.  The Veteran Sergeant issues a challenge and is subsequently slain, causing nothing in return.  Jonah makes all his saves.

The grav Centurions target the Tomb Spyder and destroy the foul montrosity.  The Sternguard and Tactical Marines target the Deathmark and only kill two in shooting.  A Tactical Marine squad charges the Deathmarks and I lose two to overwatch.  Combat solves nothing.  Tyberos with the other Red Brethren and the Honour Guard charge the Lychguard.  The Chapter Champion issues a challenge and is slain for his effort.  I also lose an Assault Centurion.  Jonah finally fails some re-animation rolls and two Lychguard are removed.  I lose one thunderhammer Terminator and cause no wounds in return.  The scarab swarm takes four wounds but slays the Red Brethren in the process.



We are tied on Maelstrom 3-3.

Turn 3

Jonah’s shooting doesn’t solve much.  The Scarabs charge the grav Centurions.  The Wraiths kill the remainder of the thunderhammer Terminators.  The Deathmarks kill two Tactical Marines and do not sustain any casualties.  My Captain challenges the Overlord and I roll exceptionally well on my invulnerable.  Jonah loses two Lychguard.

There will be no shooting from me.  The Sternguard charge the Deathmarks.  Two Tactical Marine squads charge the Scarab Swarms.  I lose a grav Centurion in combat to the Scarabs.  I manage to three Scarab models.  The Sternguard and last Tactical Marines put zero wounds on the Deathmarks.  I manage to kill two more Lychguard and the Captain takes a wound from the Overlord.


Jonah is winning 5-3 on Maelstrom.

Turn 4

Jonah can’t shoot because my army is stuck in combat.  The Tomb Blades charge the Sternguard and the Wraith’s charge the grav Centurions and Tactical Marines.  I stop documenting at this point.  It is inevitable that Jonah will win.    I do not have the ability to pick up Maelstrom points and he is winning the primary.  Plus his reanimation protocol rolls were outstanding all game and I didn’t have the model count to deal with his army.  We played it out until five.  The Wraiths had their way with the Centurions and Tactical Marines.  The Sternguard managed to kill two Deaethmarks before being eliminated.  I was only able to take the Lychguard down to one model and the Overlord only took one wound.

The combination of the Overlord, Lychguard and reanimation protocol rolls made that unit a difficult one to move.  With five Terminators, three Assault Centurions, Tyberos, a Captain and five Honour Guard I should have rolled over the unit.  Jonah rolled exceptionally well and when he failed his re-animation protocol rolls it was nine times out of ten a one, which meant he could re-roll.  The saving grace for me is when my Captain made it to the challenge.  I did very well for the 4+ invulnerable saves by only failing two.  I thought that combat would have been different.  We play a dice game and some days the dice are with you and some days they are not.  I had to give a hat tip to Jonah.


When the dust settles I finish 3-3 for the day.  Every opponent I played was relaxed and that made the weekend more enjoyable.  Arthur, who I played in-game 1, won best sport.  Good for him.  Phillip won best general with a mix of Cult Mechanicus, Skitarii and Imperial Knights.  Wes won best overall.  Each winner gets a pewter stein and if they bring it to an Out Of The Basement pub event the club will fill the stein with beer.  Not a bad take away.  I think the weekend started with thirty-three participants and ended with thirty.

Next post will be army showcases from the weekend.


  1. These reps are defiantly enjoyable to read. Keep up the good Work and hopefully see you at more events. 😀


  2. Check out SN Battle Reports in my links. That site is my inspiration for batreps. I have to work on my camera and narrating skills a bit but practice will make perfect. Oh yeah, death to Tau 😉


  3. I’m impressed you fit your force into three formations. I ended up going with a Demi-Company and a generic CAD because I couldn’t meet the other formation requirements for Tyberos or the Terminators.


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