Posted by: Turkadactyl | January 18, 2016

Space Marine Carcharodons- MkIV Captain WIP

The dust has settled from the Out of the Basement tournament.  I’ll have some battle reports and photos from the weekend up eventually.  I have to get a card reader to transfer the photos onto the computer.  The Mk IV Captain made an appearance at the tournament so I will start the WIP posts to show the progress of the model.


I wanted to post the completed WIP for the second batch of the Red Brethren Terminators.  My technology is not agreeing with me right now so I’ll post on the Mk IV Captain from Forgeworld.  Luckily I had some photos of the captain that were uploaded a while back.  I have an old Samsung tablet and it acts like a donkey.  There are some days it will upload photos to my google account and there are others when stubbornness reigns supreme and I can’t upload a thing to google.  There was an update done to the photo app a few months back and there has been problems ever since.

This model is part of the Mk IV Command Set.  The Banner Bearer is already complete and is escorting the Sharknado into combat.  This model is my third attempt to paint grey skin.  The first attempt was on the Librarian and I thought it went well.  The grey skin was a striking contrast with the blue armour.  The second attempt was a Veteran Sergeant with a Centurion squad.  That attempt I am still not comfortable with and I think I need to revisit that model and make the skin a paler grey.  At the moment the skin is too dark for my liking.  Practice makes perfect and let’s see if I learned anything with the Captain.

At this stage all the base colours are on.  It was primed with Army Painter Uniform grey.  Three layers of Burnished Gold were applied.  For the other colours I used Abaddon Black, Midnight Blue on the cloak (a discontinued colour years ago), Royal Blue for the sword and Rakarth Flesh for the inside of the cloak.  The next step will be dipping the model in varnish to seal the colours.  I find that the paint rubs off of the Forgeworld models so the varnish is a good seal and everything I paint on afterwards doesn’t rub off.




I’m looking forward to posting the finished projects once I figure out what is going on.  On top of that there is Out of the Basement and the third annual Nemesis Painting Challenge.  Out of the Basement was fun.  I played against six quality people and each game was fun.  I also reconnected with Jace and we’re planning on playing some games again.  One of my Broodlord’s has a trophy from Jace’s Black Templars.

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