Posted by: Turkadactyl | January 15, 2016

Adepta Sororitas – Penitent Engine

Windows 10.  Blah.  I was going to do a WIP on the Red Brethren but Windows 10 is poo pooing that right now.  Luckily I have some Adeptas Sororitas pictures available to me.  Penitent Engines were a big draw for me to start an Adeptas Sororitas army back when the Witch Hunters codex was released.  I have enjoyed using them in every codex update.  They are terrible models to assemble though.  They are made up of pewter and there is a lot of pinning that has to happen to make this model work.


I have a total of six engines.  Two are painted to my new standard.  I have two primed and one day I will paint them.  Two are painted years ago when I started the army.  The paint will have to be stripped and then re-primed.  That is a project a few years down the road if I ever get to it.  My plan is two have to squadrons; one with female drivers and the second with male drivers.










Here is a comparison to my painting standards when I first started the army.  They is a noticeable lack of blending and highlights.  The gold was drybrushed and duller.  When I revisited the Sisters I wanted the gold to pop out more and I wanted the blue to be a lighter shade.  I took more time to shade the recesses as well as highlight the gold too to cool it down.  I am pleased with the new look.






It will be a busy weekend.  The local gaming group It Came From Out of the Basement is hosting a tournament this weekend.  The 40K event is over two days.  I entered the Caracharodons with the hopes to be in the top three for best presentation.  I am playing with a Gladius Strike Force for the first time.  I was able to finish some Tactical Marines this week to make the cut.  I will be taking lots of photos and will post them once my camera and Windows 10 see eye to eye.

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