Posted by: Turkadactyl | October 30, 2015

DreadTober- Carcharodons Siege Dreadnought

It was the night before Dreadtober end, when all through the Hive,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a Tau.

The heretics were hung by the Inquisition with care,

In hopes that the Emperor soon would be there.


One more day to go for Dreadtober.  There have been a lot of Dreadnoughts pledged to the event and it has been good to see the finished products over at Feed Your Nerd.  Greg has been diligent with keeping track of all the projects and like Santa Claus giving a merry Ho Ho Ho along the way.  Thanks for putting this together Greg.

I originally pledged one Dreadnought and had enough left over time to paint a second.  That is the advantage of shift work.  I have a lot of time to paint models since no one is up at two in the morning.  I think I will call this Siege Dreadnought Trogdor as it burninates the countryside.  If there happen to be some Tau in the countryside then so be it.  The BBQ had started and it is time to do some cooking.







  1. Really gorgeous dread. I love how your purity seals came out. The excellent trim around them just really sets the venerable age of this dread. He’s been around a few times.

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    • Thanks. This Forgeworld model was fun to work with.


  2. Awesome dude. I love it! The gold and black go so well together, and the base is great too

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    • Cheers. The base is from Fantascape. I have a link in my blogroll section. I am a big fan of their bases. It was a no brainer to go with the Tech Outpost base. Carcharodons are described as doing a lot of ship boarding’s so these bases made sense.


  3. Wow! Just awesome. The colours look great together, the details like the purity seals and heraldry is cracking good. And the Zone Mortail-esque base is great. It so fits the model.

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    • Thanks. I’d love to play a Zone Mortalis game with the Carcharodons. It fits their fluff. Too bad the Canadian dollar is low right now and Zone Mortalis boards are expensive to begin with.

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