Posted by: Turkadactyl | September 9, 2015

Space Marines Carcharodons- Tactical Marines Squad A

I’ve shown you my heavy hitters for the Carcharodons.  Now it’s time for the grunts to shine.  So far I have four squads of tactical marines in various stages of paint.  This squad is complete and is represented by several versions of Mk power armour.

SM Tac A 001

The Carcharodons are a fleet based chapter that has extended the boundaries of the Imperium to rid the Emperor’s empire of potential threats.  Eventually they make their way back to Imperium space, restock and go on their merry way.  The Carcharodons scavenge the wreckage to restock their supplies and augment their armoury to extend its life.  This is noted by battle brothers wearing various suits of the Mk power armour.  I wanted this represented in my army and Forgeworld was the place to go.

A chapter tactic of the Carcharodons allows them to carry a close combat weapon for one point, in addition to already bearing a boltgun and bolt pistol.  This allows them to have that extra attack in close combat.  It is a cheap upgrade and for the Carcharodons well worth it.  I wanted my models to have the look of charging into combat so I used the assault marines legs.

The special weapons marine, you can see in a couple of photos, is not carrying a weapon.  I magnetized the right fist to allow me to change weapons.  The Veteran Sergeant’s hand are magnetized as well as the left arm at the shoulder.  That allows me to change the guns and close combat weapon and if need be upgrade to a lightning claw or power fist.  The Veteran Sergeant’s all have a teeth marking on the left shoulder and the top of the helmet is painted black.

To differentiate between squads I painted a different colour at the edge of the vent exhaust.  Since these models are smaller the tribal tattoo transfers are more prominent.

SM Tac A 002

SM Tac A 003

SM Tac A 004


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