Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 6, 2015

Grey Knights – Kaldor Draigo

I present to you the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights- Kaldor Draigo.

GK Drago 001

I’ve only managed to play one game with Draigo so far and Jerrod went out of his way to make sure Gate of Infinity did not go off.  To see the game check out my Battle Reports section.  With Draigo paint I now have 2500 points of Grey Knights painted.  That number includes Hector Rex and the squad of Redemptionist Acolytes.

The Nemesis Painting Challenge hosted by GW West Edmonton spanned six months progressing from 500 points to 2000 points by the end of the six months.  There was potential 2500 point tournament that was going to happen so I painted Draigo and a Grand Master to get to 2500.  Sadly, the tournament never happened.  The reward for finishing tops in the 40K category was having my models on display in one the stores display cases.  Thanks to Nik and the rest of the GW staff for bestowing that honour onto me.

I have a lot of Grey Knight models to paint still.  Here’s the list:

  • 1 Strike squad
  • 1 Interceptor squad
  • 2 Purifier squads
  • 2 Purgation Squads
  • 6 Terminators
  • 12 Paladins
  • 1 Nemesis Dreadknight
  • 1 Grand Master
  • 2 Brother Captain’s
  • 2 Techmarines
  • 1 Librarian
  • 1 Brotherhood Champion
  • Castellan Crowe
  • 2 Stormravens

I’ll post WIP pictures when I get to these projects.  Thanks for the joining the ride with my first 2500 points.  Now back to Kaldor Draigo.

GK Drago 002

GK Drago 003

GK Drago 004



  1. Looks fantastic! Give us some zoomed in cropped shots if you get a chance!


  2. Sure thing. These pictures have been with an old Samsung tablet. I bought a new Windows Stream and purchased a picture software app. This will be a chance for me to take some pictures with my DSLR and transfer the pictures to the app. I’ll keep you posted.


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