Posted by: Turkadactyl | May 13, 2015

Roost 40K Video Battle Report 003- Grey Knight vs Khorne Daemonkin 1850 Points

Jerrod and I played a 1850 points game last week.  The game was a blast.  There were some phenomenal dice rolls and a clinch squad that won the game.  I wasn’t happy with my narration for the game but in the end I decided to publish it anyways.  A good way to improve is make mistakes and learn from them.  Watching other battle reports is another way to improve as well.  For future reports I will try think of what I want to say, take a deep breath and not rush through the report.  If you have any constructive criticism please let me know.


Grey Knights preferred enemy versus Daemons is fantastic.  Force with Daemonbane is also fantastic.  Fortunately Jerrod rolled some fantastic invulnerable saves to off set my bonuses.  There were times when my rolls were lackluster as well.  The game ended officially after turn five but we played to turn seven anyways.  Jerrod generated a lot of blood points and brought in a Bloodthirster and a unit of Flesh Hounds.  The extra units were needed to make it seem like a fare fight.

The Cultists won the game for Jerrod.  They claimed all points except for two.  If I was able to get Gate of Infinity off I may have won the game.  For one of my cards Jerrod got to choose the objective I would have to claim.  It was in his deployment zone.  My other card was an enemy unit failing a Morale test.  That seemed easy with the Cultists on the field.  My third card was causing casualties to a unit targeted by the Gate of Infinity.  I rolled high for the warp charge pool, which was advantageous for Jerrod.  No matter how many dice I rolled only one or two would be successful.  Jerrod had enough dice to successfully Deny the Witch.  The only power he wanted to stop was Gate.

For all the times I shot at the Cultists they kept making their Leadership.  Models wise the game was mine but it was the cards that determined the victory.  i could have discarded but I was sure that I would get Gate of at least once.  It was not to be.

We did get a good laugh at the Bloodthirster making all five 5++ invulnerable saves.  The Bloodthirster put all his attention on Drago and didn;t notice the Grandmaster poke him in the thigh with his activated force halberd to send him back to the warp.

Jerrod and I have arranged another game.  This time it will be Tyranids vs Khorne Daemonkin.  Jerrod has put in a special request for Tim the Enchanter to be in the list.  I will work on painting tim up a bit for the game next week.


  1. Who is this Tim the Enchanter? I must know!

    Regarding the battle report I actually don’t enjoy video battle reports at all to be honest. I prefer written reports with pictures, possibly this hails back to my old WD days.


    • Tim the Enchanter is the Dimachaeron. Check out the Tyranid posts for the WIP pictures and how the model was nicknamed Tim. I just finished painting the skin so I will get a WIP update up soon.

      I will mix it up and do some written and pictures battle reports. Great idea. I enjoyed those WD reports too.


      • Good to see someone taking on feedback. 🙂
        Looking forward to seeing your blog pop on my blogs feed.


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