Posted by: Turkadactyl | May 12, 2015

Fortifications – Plasma Obliterator WIP

Hands up if you were one of the few that was successful in obtaining a Plasma Obliterator.  I missed out on the pre-orders, however, I was at GW West Edmonton when they opened and was able to snag a box.  For those of you who missed out you avoided the grief of gluing together, in my opinion, the worst GW model to assemble.

CoD 004

The pieces would not sit right.  I broke apart a few components that I assembled, shaved the glue off and started over only to meet similar results.  I wanted to throw the models through a wall but the high price tag and limited edition status put a stop to that.  As you can see it is crooked in the assembly and there parts that don’t meet.  I had to shave off some of the plastic for pieces to fit flush.

CoD 005

The plasma cannon, platform and Aquiila are not shown in the picture.  I have primed all pieces and hope to get it painted soon.  My hope is once the model is painted it will take away the shame of how poorly I assembled the model.

I’ve put together some frustrating models.  This one takes the cake by far.  What are some of the worst models you have assembled?  I will add the Biovore and Grey Knights two-handed weapons arms to my list.


  1. The worst model I’ve ever put together wasn’t a GW one. It was a FW one. The ork mega/meka dread. So much pinning and sanding. Gorkanaut has about 4x the pieces and goes together in less time.

    Shame a limited edition kit has fitment issues like that 😦


    • Some of my Forgeworld models had some headaches attached to them. Some greenstuff fixed those headaches. The Land Raider Achilles had some gaps that were a wee bit too big. I think part of the reason I am putting off the assembly of the Caestus Assault Ram is the unpredictability of Forgeworld coming together.

      And Orks, I can only imagine.


      • At least with orks, gaps, gouges, and dents all look like they are supposed to be there :).


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