Posted by: Turkadactyl | April 24, 2015

Cities of Death WIP

Matt and Jerrod helped me get started on my Cities of Death buildings a couple of weekends ago.  We were distracted very easily and often and that’s alright because it was a good night had by all (or so they tell me).  This first picture is what the three of us were able to accomplish the first night.

CoD 001

Here are the buildings from a different angle.

CoD 002

I didn’t add the railings for the Skyshield because I am in limbo as to what I want to do.  I like the Games Workshop publications that has the pedways leading onto the Skyshield so I would like to leave some sides open.  I may try some magnet shenanigans to be able to change out the railings.

Thanks to Matt and Jerrod I was inspired to put together some more kits the following two nights.

CoD 003

I wanted to have a Skyshield on top of a building.  This of course is inspired by Games Workshop.  The problem is I do not have access to the same amount of sprues as GW.  I looked at my resources and decided to make a two level bastion with a Skyshield on top.  This allowed me to make a mini-bastion (that I wanted to demolish during assembly because it didn’t want to stick together).

I have made an outline of the bastion on the Skyshield.  The next step is to file the Skyshield’s underbelly so it will rest flat on the bastion.  There are too many designs and detail for it to sit flat right now.

CoD 004

I took my time with this piece.  Sometimes I get impatient with assembly and it creates more headaches.  I plan on purchasing some movement trays for a roof.  I will then add some broken corners pieces to give a garden type feel to the roof.  This piece is designed to be on it’s own or sit on the Skyshield, hence why I want pedways leading to the Skyshield.

Now I have some buildings assembled or partially assembled.  Another assembly party and then it is time to prime and paint.  My goal is to have the buildings completed or close to completed by the fall.  I will not have to dedicate the same amount of detail with the buildings.

On another note I will post some photos of the Plasma Obliterator.  If you were lucky enough to buy one and haven’t assembled it yet then you are in for a treat.  That kit is probably the worst kit I have assembled.  The plastic seemed to be a different quality and pieces didn’t want to fit together.  My kit looks like a 10 year assembled it.  You will see when I post pictures in the near future.

I have recently assembled two kits that I wanted to send to the dynamite pile.  What are some of the worst kits that you have assembled?  You know the one.  It’s that kit that made you wonder why you got into the hobby in the first place.  The one that would make you a millionaire if you kept a swear jar.  For me it’s the Plasma Obliterator.  Honourable mentions are the pewter Biovore, arms for the Grey Knights two handed weapons and legs for the Tervigon.


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