Posted by: Turkadactyl | November 21, 2008

Italy- A-Maze-Ing (Photo Update January 9)

Our trip of Italy concluded with a stop in Venice.  I was not a big fan of Venice.  It was very crowded even out of tourist season and vastly overpriced.  We did take some very nice photos and enjoyed a ride down the Canale Grand.  I made some new friends- pigeons.  Snuggles, my travel bunny was trying to make new friends as well.  Two pigeons started to fight and tok no notice of poor Snuggles.  Snuggles received a black eye out of the whole ordeal.

In case I have not mentioned it before my monkey toque was named after Ian, one of the campers at the last week at Camas.  To give you an idea of who Ian is, he is like me or Mark, Tyson, or Keith, only a lot younger.  I didn´t even have to ask him to name the toque.  He asked me of the monkey had a name and I said no.  Ian named it Michael.

Michael was a big hit in Venice.  One person asked for a picture of me and Michael.  Another took a picture while I was hanging out with my pigeon friends.  Many people stared at Michael.  I am glad Michael likes the attention.

Mrs. Turkadactyl and I were a wee bit foolish in Venice.  We had not booked accommodation for Venice beforehand.  We were about to go to the hotel reservation booth, after we stepped off the train, when we were approached by a hotel representative.  He had a 45 euro room at a one star hotel.  We checked it out.  It was a closet but we took it for one night anyways.  We were glad to have a place and be rid of our packs.  We went back to the hotel reservations and found a three star hotel for 6o euros, our own bathroom and breakfast included.  Dóh.  We have declined hotel reps in the past but for some reason we said sure to this guy.  Live and learn.

Venice is a maze.  Even with a map it is easy to get turned around.  We enjoyed some hot chocolate, which was real chocolate heated up.  Yummy.  I think civil engineers like Phil, Drew, or Ian will get a big kick out of Venice.  I have no idea as to why someone would build a city on stilts over a salt marsh.  If anyone knows why Venice was build where it was please let me know.

I buckled.  I could not leave San Gimignano without buying another animal shirt.  Again I will not reveal the shirt until I return home.  Both of my animals now have names- Jimmy and Clancy.

Now that we have left Austria I think I have eaten enough pizza for the remainder of this year and the next.  Good pizza in Italy.  Now it is time for Austrian sausages.  We are in Vienna now.  It is cold here but still warmer then Canada.

I have random events that I want to share about but I keep forgetting about them when I arrive at a computer.  When I go to bed tonight I am sure I am going to remember them.  Here is one that I do remember.  The French and Italians like to smoke, especially the French.  Here is the trade-off.  The French and Italians hardly spit in public, whereas Canadians seem to enjoy targeting the street with their spittle.  Aren´t you glad I shared that useless piece of information with you?

Grand Canal

Grand Canal


Grand Canal

Grand Canal


Grand Canal

Grand Canal



Looks like Snuggles is getting fresh with Sniffles.

Looks like Snuggles is getting fresh with Sniffles.


Snuggles and Sniffles in front of Palazzo Ducale.

Snuggles and Sniffles in front of Palazzo Ducale.

Grand Canal

Grand Canal


  1. Viva Italia


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