Posted by: Turkadactyl | October 27, 2008

Camas Top Ten List

In spirit of David letterman’s Top ten lists here is todays top ten list:

The top ten reasons you know you have grown accustomed to life at Camas;

  1. When you are done you kick the door of every fridge shut.
  2. You sing “knife” when washing a sharp knife.
  3. Saturday afternoon lunch is a fry up including baked beans and bacon.
  4. Unnatural light burns the eyes.
  5. Everywhere is too hot.
  6. You miss stepping on sheep poo, especially when you realize you stepped on dog poo.
  7. A shopping cart is a foreign piece of equipment.  Now where did I put my wheelbarrow?
  8. Trendy people do not wear waterproofs.
  9. Nature is just outside the front door, not a half hour walk away.
  10. Playing hit the pole and you realize you just threw a rock at a lamp pole.  Are those sirens I hear?

If anyone has anything to add please be my guest.

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