Posted by: Turkadactyl | September 29, 2008

The 2008 Camas Dactyl

I am not too sure what is going on with myself.  I have been very tired over the last couple of weeks.  My energy levels have been low.  Perhaps it is the business of the previous eight weeks that are catching up to me.  I thank Doug for the ice hockey conversations we had last week.  I really needed to talk to someone in person about hockey.  I had a treat at Iona on Friday.  I was playing red light green light with one of the sheep.  The sheep then did something sheep are not known to do; it approached me.  I was petting it for a bit and it started to wag its’ tail like a dog does.  This sheep was really enjoying the attention.  It also put its’ head in my lap a couple of times.  I decided to name this one Poochy.  Views on the roost have dropped quite dramatically over the last couple of weeks.  So a treat for my three loyal fans that are sticking around- more cardboard car.

Amy takes Ferocious out for a spin.  Steve tests out his hitchhiking skills.

Amy takes Ferocious out for a spin. Steve tests out his hitchhiking skills.

Timbits turn to drive Ferocious around.

Timbits turn to drive Ferocious around.

Ferocious patiently waits on the front lawn so the sheep will get used to him.

Ferocious patiently waits on the front lawn so the sheep will get used to him.

Patience Ferocious. Your time to shine will come.

Patience Ferocious. Your time to shine will come.

These next two photos are with Ferocious in action.  I am in the Dactyl driving it.

I have four videos up on Turkavision called Diary of a Cardboard Car.  There will be more to come, when it dries out here.


  1. What a riot! Ford and Chrysler – move over. You have much competition to worry about. Sorry, Alex, but the sheep does not look too intimidated.


  2. Alex, well done. Sorry you don’t feel so well. I think you need some Hockey Night in Canada! Take care. I’ll stay tuned for the further adventures of Camas Dactyl. Great shots.


  3. You guys seem to really like the sheep. I have sheep as neighbours too, but they are really dirty. The sheep you have are really nice white coats, the ones here really need a bath. I wanted to pet one but then the big sheep in the middle of the field bahhed, and then the rest moved away from the fence. Next time I guess


  4. Karin, try playing Red Light Green Light with the sheep. Yo u may be able to sneak up on one then. Look out for the sentry sheep. I have encountered sentries before. They look out for troublemakers and alarm the herd. With the absence of squirrels I have to direct my creativity towards another animal.


  5. weird I haven’t been able to do much with the sheep because they are fenced in, and I don’t feel right going into the neighbours fences, but maybe one day I’ll meet the farmers and ask if I can hop the fence or something.


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