Posted by: Turkadactyl | September 14, 2008

Random Musings at the Roost

Last week begins with a sad story.  Peter is a lamb that lived here at Camas.  His stupidity has made him a popular little fellow; a lamb that we have all grown to love.  Peter has been caught on camera and for those of you who have not seen Good Form Peter please click here for an introduction.  All of the lambs were separated from their mothers last week and the males will be going to the market while the females will be kept in a separate field away from the moms.  I am hoping that Peter is of the female persuasion.  Since I am the one who named Peter he has a special place in my heart and his legend will live on thanks to the world wide web.

Our parcels finally arrived.  If anyone plans on sending boxes via Canada Posts surface mail be prepared for 2 plus months for delivery.  It sure is good to finally have a spare change of underwear.

To ease my pain with the loss of Peter I made a friend in the garden.  A robin must have been attacked by a savage beast, most likely a sheep, and has lost the ability to fly.  A earned its trust by looking for worms and feeding it. Little Buddy, the name I gave the robin, followed me around in the garden.

Sadly, Little Buddy was not looking too well and did not make it through the week.

Sadly, Little Buddy was not looking too well and did not make it through the week.

Adam will be leaving us on Saturday to go back to University.  Since we had no campers this week we took the time to celebrate Adam with a pirate party.  Six of us took to the open water of Camas Bay by making rafts and looking for treasure.  Raft building is an activity we organize with the kids.  Now it’s our turn to try make a worthy sea vessel (so far only 3 out of 14 have stayed together).  Our teams ended up being team UK represented by Adam, Dot and Tim.  Team International was represented by yours truly, Andrea (our new volunteer from Uruguay) and Josef.  Team International ended up finding the key to the chest first while Team UK were the first to find the treasure chest.  Since it was a draw all six os us walked the plank Adam set up on the quarry wall.  Time for the pictures to do the talking.

Team International

Team International. All good pirates wear stripes.

Team UK looks perplexed

Team UK looks perplexed

Our fine vessel Noah's Arrrrrrk made it back in one piece.

Our fine vessel Noah's Arrrk made it back in one piece

I was hiding behind

I was hiding behind

I had jumped off because Adam was attempting to board us.  I took care of the boarding party, yarrrr.  We had a platform on the back, which allowed us to climb up onto the raft.

Team UK's vessel was boarded and looted.  They now look lost.

Team UK's vessel was boarded and looted. They look lost.





This weeks group is from Glasgow.  A school group from Abercorn.  They have very strong accents and the kids talk fast, which makes it a lot harder to understand them.  This is a very playful bunch and the sad news is this is the last young peoples group that will be attending Camas this season.  After this week we have adult groups coming in.  We will certainly make the most of this week.

Mrs. Turkadactyl and I received a postcard from my parents yesterday.  Our first postcard!  A few weeks back I made a request for people to send us a postcard from where they are living.  We are very much cut off here and are not receiving too many e-mails for that matter.  Hopefully this second plea for mail will be heard by our three fans.  Our address is:

Camas Centre
Isle of Mull
PA67 6DX

Now we have a lovely picture of the U of A and the Butterdome to stare at every night.

Turkavision took a bit of a hit a couple of days ago.  It appears that someone did not appreciate me wasting a couple minutes of their life and they struck back by giving two of my videos a one star out of five rating.  I may be inspired to make more bad videos now.

My entry in Walkers Crisps Do Us A Flavour Contest- Yorkshire Pudding


  1. RIP Peter. In mint sauce.


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