Posted by: Turkadactyl | September 1, 2008

Canada Awareness Week

We have a new theme this week- Canada Awareness Week. Mrs. Turkadactyl’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Shraptor (the shraptor is a cross between a sheep and a velociraptor) sent us a package containing many Canadian goodies. One of the treats is a book with facts and quizzes about Canada. The kids are thrilled every time we tell them a Canadian fact at meal time. This weeks group is from Dublin containing 13 girls and 3 boys. Good deal for the boys.

My goal by the end of the week is to get everyone in my chore group excited about air banding. Right now there are a couple that require no convincing. I have my work cut out for me with one young lady. She looks at me wondering what planet I am from. She may think she is too cool to air band now, but she has not met the gaze of Turkadactyl yet.

Our chore teams this week are Poutine, RCMP, Timbits, and Toronto Maple Leafs. I kept saying to myself, please not the Maple Leafs, please not the Maple Leafs. I am sure you figured it out by now. I am on the Maple Leafs. My plan is to make a Stanley Cup out of cardboard. That will probably be the closest the Maple Leafs ever get to hoisting the Cup again.

We had some fun on Iona on Friday. We played sardines at the Mac Centre. I was inspired by Captain Tan’s hiding spot of climbing up West End Vineyards hallway with his back pressed up against the wall and walking up. I hid in a shower room the same way. My legs were tiring on me so I had to scale down and reveal myself. I am proud to say that no one found me on their own. I will try take a picture next time I am on Iona to show you my magnificent position.

Tick update for those who care. The tick was unable to regenerate so I am proud to say I am now tick free. Yay!

Great news. Adam achieved success in finding mentos. At the moment our rocket firing skills need some improvement. We have made a fountain and fired two rockets, neither of which went straight up into the air. Once we get the hang of it we will then launch the rocket ferry. We only have five rolls of mentos left so if anyone wants to send us some from Canada we will be thrilled to receive your donation. Do not be afraid to send us stuff- we do receive it. A big thanks to both our parents for filling our request for mail.

The Camas Rocket Scientist crew- Josef, Adam and Turkadactyl

The Camas Rocket Scientist crew- Adam, Josef and Turkadactyl

Our first attempt

Our first attempt

The mentos fountain

The mentos fountain

this did not launch to well.  It travelled horizontal.  My legs up to my shorts were drenched in diet coke.

This did not launch to well. It travelled horizontal. My legs up to my shorts were drenched in diet coke.

Good times on Turkavision. I have a new video uploading as I type. It is called Good Form Peter. Peter is one of the lambs that I named. I think this video will be a favorite among the staff here at Camas. Be sure to check it out.  Especially if you have ever wondered if a sheep can swim…


  1. Careful how you talk about “LEAF NATION” For those of you that do not follow Canadian Hockey ( NHL) Let me tell you that this country loves the Toronto Maple Leafs. ( Much to Alex’s chagrin.)
    Out in the back country where Alex lives there is a sorry team called the edmonton oilers. ( A Has been team.) However so is Toronto now. As the season unfolds both oilers and toronto will be dukeing it out for last place. My money stays on Toronto.
    Mr & Mrs. Shraptor love the Canadian names used on your teams. Speaking of Poutine….were getting hungry,so its time to go home for dinner.
    ( Mrs. Shraptor has just viewed all the videos at my work( we do not have internet at home)
    Till next time, Love and God Bless
    Mr.Mrs. S


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