Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 29, 2008

Grey Hairs Are The Sign Of Wisdom

I am big fan of the Book of Proverbs, which is in the Holy Bible. One of the proverbs talks about wisdom and grey hair. I think that is because the person with grey hair has been around long enough to make plenty of mistakes and has learned from some of those mistakes. David, a leader mentioned in another post, is a man of wisdom.

I marvel at David’s strength, attitude, and energy. He is a 73 year old man and I think he had the most energy and enthusiasm the whole week. I am including the Camas staff in the aforementioned statement. David lost his wife last year to cancer. His wife lived for 9 months after she was diagnosed. I will carry his words with me for years to come. David told Mrs. Turkadactyl and I that the some of the best times in his marriage was when the cancer was diagnosed. He and his wife started to cherish and appreciate each other more and make the most of the time they had together. They realized that most arguements were pointless and not worth having. David also wants to make the most of every day he has now because he never knows which day will be his last. Thank you David. Oh yeah, he also has a moustache. Mark, there will be some exciting times coming up in the Moustache Letters!

Thumbs up to moustaches!

Thumbs up to moustaches!

This was a good week. I have had a great time with the campers over the past week. This is the first group that I had a deeper connection with. I had an opportunity to lead an evening reflection and I decided to go with the topic of bullying. I wanted to lead a reflection on bullying and I had a discussion earlier on in the week with a couple of the campers on the said subject. Bullying is one of those topics that we all have experience with, whether we have been bullied, have done the bullying, or witnessed the action happening.

Those who know me from the days of junior high know of the tough times I went through I shared about those moments. I am thankful for the support that I had from my family as well as my good friends Fraser Kerr, Keith Autio and Mike Boldt. I am also pleased to say that I have forgiven all those who have bullied me and I am hope that my experience may help others. It did this week. It is through the shared experience of bullying that brought a closer connection with two of the lads. Plus, one of the guys shared in the sense of hunour that I have.

Thumbs up to my fellow Camas staff. The leaders of the group noticed a difference in the self-confidence on their teens. Thank you for good work.

I must apologize for some grammatical errors in past postings. I hate proof-reading my own material. I will try make more of an effort in the future. I re-read the Moustache Letters and there were some painful parts. Question For A Sheep closes today and so far there are no questions. It is tough to conduct an interview with no questions. Please go to Question For A Sheep and leave a question.


  1. If grey hairs are the sign of wisdom, what does that mean for the white hairs that are coming into my beard?


  2. I hope it is something good because I have white hairs in my beard as well.


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