Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 23, 2008

The Good Guys Always Win, Even In The 80’s

Another week has ended I had a lot of fun. My army of origami dinosaurs doubled in size. I know have a T-rex to join my pterodactyl. The campers had a good time with the 80’s awareness week. I taught them about the wisdom of Ace Hunter from Megaforce, and I hope they tell all their friends back home.

Our mentos/diet coke ferry project is not going well at the present. The ferry is ready to be launched but we are experiencing some fuel shortage. We have been unable to find any mentos. Adam and Dot have both been on the mainland and have had zero success. Canada, please aid us in our mission and send us some mentos (and let me know if you are sending any). We also want to try a cardboard rocket as well. Josef has been looking around Camas for supplies. we’re also thinking of making another cardboard ferry, only larger than the current as to fit more diet coke fuel canisters in it. Please take pity on us. This is our entertainment out here. All footage will be broadcast on Turkavision.

Also, since I have mentioned Josef, him and Paddy (a volunteer on Iona) have a band called Chimney Sweep Detectives. Paddy posted my endorsement on their site- I recommend going to the site so you can see my endorsement. Oh yeah, they are making an album as well but that is not near as important.

Last week was a good week. I was exhausted by Thursday. A very fun group. Johnathon and I did not get too far in our plans for using Camas as a base for world domination. i will have to find a new business partner. My moustache was a big hit. Many were grossed out and the others loved it. Either way to me that means it was a big hit.

Wow, great moustache.

Wow, great moustache.

Last week we had a treat for dinner. The group had an opportunity to sail on Freya. Mark, who lives on Iona, will take groups out on his boat. While Lichfield were exploring the sea Tom, one of the campers, caught four mackerel and we had some fish for dinner. Most of our meals are vegetarian based so when the fair opportunity for meat presents itself it is a great day.

Lichfield played a lot of cricket and told me a lot on how to play. That was certainly one of my biggest highlights of the week. The staff had to misbehave a bit to keep things interesting. As mentioned before this group did not misbehave, except for the girls staying up late and talking in their dorm room one night (that was considered misbehaving). One of the leaders, John, started to make a bridge from our front lawn to the tidal island. If people were not playing cricket then they were building a bridge.

Josef working on the bridge.  Hard hats made the work more exciting.

Josef working on the bridge. Hard hats made the work more exciting.

We have a wee bit of a ways to go yet.

We have a wee bit of a ways to go yet.

Since I had a moustache I was unanimously voted foreman.  Here I am giving John, one of Lichfield's junior leaders, orders.

Since I had a moustache I was unanimously voted foreman. Here I am giving John orders.

I succeeded in slapping another sheep on its back end. I was walking towards the kitchen and one of the sheep was scratching itself on the side of the staff dorms. Its back end was sticking out so I seized the moment and gave it a pat on its back. I scared the sheep that it ran away and pooped.

We have a new game to entertain us. The game involves spinning a cup inside another, blowing on the spinning cup so that it hops out and then try to land the cup upright into another cup. I’ll try get some video footage.

Mrs. Turkadactyl and I have both received presents in the mail from campers. We were both excited to collect mail because both parcels had no return address on them. Turns out campers sent us a present each. We both received pens. Pens disappear very easy around here so it was like receiving manna from the heavens.

The new group is here. Mrs. Turkadactyl and I have the day off. We are planning on walking to Fionnphort to enjoy an anniversary dinner. I am looking forward to hanging out with this group. We will be camping on Iona tomorrow and participating in a ceilidh. Lots of new footage on Turkavision. Lots of the new footage involve sheep. Hey, we are in Scotland so we work with what is available.


  1. Well that was 80’s for yea. Cheap and cheese for yea.


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