Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 12, 2008

Simple Things Please Simple Minds

Last night and this morning has been a peaceful time. The campers have gone to Iona for the night and those of us who have time off are enjoying the peace and quiet, and also fish. Jamie, one of the locals, came by for a visit and caught a Pollock in Camas Bay. It was enough to feed eight along with the pizza I made from scratch.

Mrs. Turkadactyl caused me to be green with envy yesterday. She went for a jog and she was able to sneak up on a sheep and slap its’ back. Meanwhile I stalked through the ferns trying to sneak up on a sheep only to cause a bit to much rustling. I scared the sheep off. I have come up with a plan to fulfill my dream of sneaking up on a sheep. For some reason the sheep are not scared of cars. I am planning on collecting cardboard and making a car out of cardboard. Once my creation is complete I will drive my cardboard car towards the sheep and hopefully I can get close enough to slap one on its back end. I will keep you up to date and how the car manufacturing is progressing.

Josef had his vacation a couple of weeks ago. Josef does not like one of the resident sheep here, Lily. while he was gone I collected sheep poo and deposited it outside his hut. I was going to leave a ‘I Missed You’ note from Lily to Josef but he came back a day early. I think Josef is convinced that the sheep were the ones that actually left the poopie in front of his door.

By the sounds of it I do not get out much. Well, you are correct. We find our owns means of entertainment here. One of the big activities is Hit the Pole. we have three poles that are sticking out of the rocks. When it is low tide we balance a small rock on the top of each pole. When high tide comes in and most of the poles are submerged we then proceed to the rocks at the poles, trying to dislodge the rocks we balanced on top. THe game gets to be a big hit with the campers by the end of the week.

Campers tend to ignore the sheep poo, scattered all across the front lawn, by the end of the week. We had a big game of 500, which involved a wee bit of wrestling a slipping and sliding. I had sheep poo smeared on my clothes and skin. That’s our life out here.

Here is another great example of us not getting out much here at Camas. Our co-workers expressed the deep hurt of not being invited to the Turkadactyl wedding five years ago that we have decided to have another wedding ceremony. Lucky for us it happens on the same day we go to Iona. Adam has volunteered to be the vicar, Josef will be my best man, Kate will be the bridesmaid, and Dot the flower girl. The others have yet to volunteer for a role. Adam will also fill the role as tailor and will ensure that Michelle will have a dress for the wedding ceremony. Adam has a similar dry sense of humour to my own so I am looking forward to the theatrics he will pull at the ceremony. Reception will follow at the local pub. If anyone wants to attend you are more than welcome to tag along.

Adam, Josef and I have come up with another form of entertainment. Adam has a deep fondness for ferries. He, along with some campers, designed and built a ferry out of cardboard.

Adam launching his ferry

Adam launching his ferry

I asked Adam and Josef if they have heard of the Diet Coke and Mentos Rocket. They hadn’t so they viewed some YouTube footage. We decided to make a rocket of our own with an extra bit of spice. Adam made a larger cardboard ferry with space for the 2L jug to fit in the back. Dot is heading to the mainland today and is going to pick up some mentos and diet cokes for us. We want to see how fast the ferry will travel across water. I will keep you posted with our experiment.


  1. Sweet! Does your camera have a video setting? You should film it and post the video on YouTube or Vimeo …


  2. Turkavision is in the works. It is almost ready to be released. Mrs. Turkadactyl can tape video on her camera. Josef has also brought a video camera to Camas.


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