Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 9, 2008

The Gaze of Turkadactyl

We have survived our first week of campers.  The week turned out to be a good week.  Apart from the whining about having to do chores it was a good week.  The campers caught on quickly to my dry sense of humour, thankfully.  They also loved my pterodactyl impression.

At the moment I am thankful to be away from the new group that has arrived today.  I think I am a man with lots of patience.  There are times where my patience runs thin.  Today I just do not have any at all.  The group arrived late today, which gave us a peaceful afternoon.  I like to be alone at times and I have not been able to find enough times to be alone here.  It is very tough to be alone given our lifestyle.  I’ll have to adjust to how I can find alone times and get enough of it to recharge the batteries.  I hope to be able to get a good nights sleep as well.  Perhaps I will not be as grouchy.

I would love to post photos of last week but we are not permitted to post photos with campers in them.  It is unfortunate because I think that will provide a great impression to what we are up to here but I can understand the logic to why the Camas committee requests that we do not post photos of the campers.

We had a fantastic reflection with Mrs. Turkadactyl last week.  She started to read the Little Prince and the group were very interested in how the story progressed that they requested that we read on.  I am convinced that any public reading of the Little Prince should be done by a well articulated eleven year old  English girl.  It was very beautiful listening to Jude read a couple of chapters.  More astonishing is all campers except for two stuck around on their own time to listen to the Little Prince.

I enjoyed telling Peter, “Good form Peter” whenever he was up to something.  He would get very nervous whenever I would say that.  Good form Peter is from the motion picture Hook.  More reason for me to say the line.  Since there is no Peter here this week I name one of the sheep Peter so I can keep saying, “Good form Peter”.  The one I named baa’s a lot.  It has been baaing that much that it lost its’ voice one day last week.  \it was great entertainment listening to a sheep that has lost its’ voice.

I now have a Poopsmith Pasdawan who is wise in the ways of the poop.  James took kindly to the card game Eat Poo and had no problem working with the manure and shared the same excitement of the Stink Sink as I do.  It is good the see that enthusiasm in the next generation.

I am thankful for being here at Camas, well except for the midges.  Awful critters.  Just as annoying as mosquitoes.  I am thankful that we will be here for three months.  I hope to bring back some lifestyle change habits.  One habit is enjoying long hot showers.  We are at the mercy of the sun and wind for energy.  I have had a few cold showers because of the limited amount of energy we get.  Fresh produce from the garden also tastes a lot better.

Well it is getting late so I think it is best to get a decent nights sleep.  Smell you later.

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