Posted by: Turkadactyl | August 5, 2008

Keep Fit and Have Fun

We’re about halfway through our first week.  Mrs. Turkadactyl and I enjoyed our day off today and it was great timing.  It’s tough to catch up on sleep at a camp.  I needed a day off to do precisely that.  This week is Community Kid week.  These particular campers have a parent or parents, aunt, uncle, or grandparent(s) who are part of the Iona community.  Apparently it is Community Members week at Iona so the kids report to Camas.

The age ranges from 10-17.  It is unfortunate that most of the older campers (thankfully there are some older ones that know how to have fun) act as though they are too cool to participate.  They complain that they are bored.  If they chose to participate then perhaps they will not be bored.  They complain about the chores and work.  That’s part of the life here at Camas.  If we do not work in the garden we do not eat, it is as simple as that.  Thankfully the younger ones have a resilient attitude and have not allowed the sourpuss attitude of others ruin their week.

Josef and I lucked out with chore teams this week.  We have a great group.  They are actually excited to do chores and we have had a pleasant time whistling while we work.  Our assigned name was porridge and Stuart, our senior member of 17 years of age, came up with a great slogan- porridge sticks together.  Joey, you’ll be proud to know that lock it up has been a hit with Team Porridge.  Josef commented that our team has by far been the best chore team Camas has had this year.

I had a chance to play cricket this week when we took the group out to Market Bay.  I have been wanting to play cricket for over 12 years now.  I finally had a chance and I ended up winning with 14 runs.  My pterodactyl impression has been a big hit also.  There are some baby pterodactyl’s in the making.

I also survived lunch.  I was put on the rotation to make lunch on Monday.  I was scared.  Out of all the meals lunch is the most intimidating to me.  We make soup for lunch and I have never made soup before.  I survived and many enjoyed the soup that I made.  My bread was a different story altogether.  The time out here has been rewarding and a growing experience.  cooking for 30 plus people is for sure a growing experience for me.  The limited energy is also a learning curve.  We have not had too much wind lately and a few cloudy days.  That means all the energy gets dumped into the kitchen first.  I had a cold shower today because there was no energy to heat the water for the staff washroom.  Brrr.

Tyson, we have some new animal creations.  When I opened lunch on Monday I asked for each table to create an animal by merging two together.  I told them about the ultimate Pengwilla and the epic Turkadactyl.  I created a new beast of magnificence- the Shraptor.  It is a cross between a sheep and a velociraptor.  Here are some others- Squish (squid and fish), Chimpchilla (Chimpazee and Chinchilla), Spig (Spider and Pig), and  Marmite (Marmot and Termite- Tim was in this group and is a big fan of marmite though he claims no influence on his tables creation).  The table with all the self proclaimed cool kids chose not to join along in the festivities.  Emmy I may have to draw some of these creations and send them to you.  Perhaps you can get them up on the site?

Michelle and I took a trip to Market Bay today for our day off.  Our parcels from Canada have not arrived yet and my swim shorts are in that parcel.  I figured I would give skinny dipping a try.  Things were going to plan then a boat came around the bend.  I went into the water quickly.  Just my luck the boat was coming into Market Bay.  The water was really cold and I couldn’t wait any longer.  I got out of the water and hoped that my bright white flesh would blind the occupants on the boat.  I had a bit of ways to go up the beach to collect my undies.

It’s been a good week.  I get to lead a raft building workshop on Thursday and then we put our creations to the test.  Keep fit and have fun.


  1. Nice skinny dipping story 🙂 But I bet it was worth it.

    Yes, send me some drawings! We’ll see what we can come up with.


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