Posted by: Turkadactyl | April 26, 2017

Cult Mechanicus- Corpuscarii and Fulgarite Electro-Priests WIP Pt.2

I’ve really enjoyed painting the Electro-Priests.  They’ve been more time-consuming than I anticipated but that’s okay.  These are some of the coolest models I’ve painted.  I’ve made some more progress so why not show it off.

Electro WIP 24

I took a couple of extra days off work to get models painted for Inner Circle.  I haven’t posted anything because my computer was having some issues.  I was free of distractions so I did a lot of painting.  I’m going to be posting a few entries over the week to get you all caught up with what I have done.  I will be relying heavily on Codex: Imperial Agents to get this project complete due to the fact that many units compose of 1-3 models.  These will be models released from Trazyn’s pokeball.

I am feeling good about being in contention for the stores trophy and you’ll see why soon enough.  I hope it’s enough to place in the top five for the continent.  There’s still a lot of work to get done over the next two weeks though.

Electro WIP 25

Most of the work is done on the priests now.  With the exception of the base and robe highlights these fella’s are done.

Electro WIP 26

Electro WIP 27

Electro WIP 28

Electro WIP 29

Electro WIP 30

Electro WIP 31

I’m glad I added these models to the list.  The Kastelen Robot made me question my colours but now that I am progressing with other units I feel good about my choice.  I was chatting with someone who has seen the progression of other entrants and the feedback that I got was the brightness of the models is eye catching and will help it stand out from other displays.

If there’s any constructive criticism please let me know.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Great mate. Love your detailing and overall style

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    • Cheers. It makes a difference painting fun models. The extra ingredient was love. 😉

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  2. Looking awesome so far, the colour pallet for the unit is a great contrast that’s not too murky or too bright. Great use of colours.

    I can’t wait to see more of your Cult Mechanicus collection! 🙂

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    • The skin and robes work really well together. Really pleased with how they turned out.

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  3. They are looking well chief, but could I suggest some light highlights on the robes? For example were it is pushed forward by the knee?

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    • The highlights on the robes are done now. I haven’t taken any pictures of the robe highlights. I want to keep a bit of mystery before the Inner Circle unveil on May 13.


  4. Looking good dude! The electric blue is striking and I like the industrial yellow on them.

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    • Thanks. I lucked out with that combination. I had practice with the Sylvaneth Revenants and figured I would replicate the skin with the Electro Priests.


  5. These are cool, i always thought the jazz hands were funny but it’s still a cool model. Without the robe highlight they take on a really comic book look which i actually thought would be cool. The colour scheme is nice though, a good break from the stereotypical red for sure.

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    • Jazz hands, I can’t unsee it now!


      • You’ll be swell, you’ll be great, gonna have the whole imperium on a plate

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