Posted by: Turkadactyl | April 7, 2017

Cult Mechanicus- Kataphron Destroyers WIP

I’ve included three Kataphron Destroyers in my Inner Circle list.  I’ll have to admit they have been taking a bit longer to paint than what I expected.  Thankfully I had Leadbelcher spray in my arsenal and it has sped the process up a little bit.  I painted one model up first as a template for the rest.  Once I figured out what parts to paint with yellow, black and purple the rest should fall into line a lot faster.

Destoryer WIP 1

So the first step is prime black and then spray with Leadbelcher.  The next step is Nuln Oil and drybrush with Necron Compound.

Destroyer WIP 2

I used XV-88 as a base and applied Agrax Earthshade overtop.  This will act as a base for Averland Sunset.  Black with green highlights will be my secondary.  I found that I needed to break up the metal a bit more but didn’t want to use yellow or black  so I needed something that will compliment those colours.  I went to amusement park, took a trip on the colour wheel and boarded the purple car.

Destroyer WIP 3

I used Xerxeus Purple for the base with an application of Druchii Violet shade.  For the skin I followed the same process as my Tree Revenants- Celestra Grey followed by Gulliman Blue glaze.  The exposed cells on the grav gun is Caliban Green.  The gold is Burnished Gold then Agrax Earthshade.

Destroyer WIP 4


Destroyer WIP 5

Since it is Mechanicus I need red to be represented somewhere.  Hey, that’s convenient.  A cog-wheel painted with Scab Red and the Skull gets Rekarth Flesh.  Both were washed with Agrax Earthshade.

Destroyer WIP 6

Destroyer WIP 7

Destroyer WIP 8

The next step is Averland Sunset.

Destroyer WIP 9

Then some highlights.  The skin is painted with Ulthuan Grey and highlighted with Pallid Witch Flesh.

Destroyer WIP 10

I used Ungor Flesh and Dorn Yellow for the edge highlights.  Ungor gives the yellow a more orange tone and ties it in with the XV-88.

Destroyer WIP 11

Here’s my template model.  I painted this model up first and once I had everything figured out I moved onto the two you’ve seen in the previous pictures.

Destroyer WIP 12

For the black I highlighted it with Kabalite Green, then Sybarite Green and concluded with Gauss Blaster Green.

Destroyer WIP 13

The eye piece is Regal Blue, Enchanted Blue, Baharroth Blue and a touch of white (not shown in picture).

Destroyer WIP 14

The grav cannon is Warpstone Glow, Moot Green and a touch of white (not seen in picture).

Destroyer WIP 15

The skull is Ushabti Bone followed by white.  The cog-wheel is Red Gore and Blood red.

Destroyer WIP 16

For the cables I used Xerxeus Purple and Genestealer Purple.

Destroyer WIP 17

I still have work to do with the Destroyers.  I still have to edge highlight the metal and do some weathering.  I also have to base it.  One unit almost done for Inner Circle.  Many more to go.  If there is any way I can improve the model please let me know.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Looking awesome, mate. Great step by step too.

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    • I was inspired by the GW painting guides to do a step by step. I think I will do that in the future for my different factions. There was a pardon at the local store who wanted the step by step for my Sylvaneth. I went through the posts and realized I didn’t have a consistent guide, hence the more in depth process with Drycha.

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      • A thorough step by step really helps yourself to remember too. I don’t know how many times I’ve forgotten the exact way I painted stuff. When you return to a faction or army a year or so later it’s hard to recall everything.

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      • I’ve had to go back on my notes more than a few times.


  2. Nice work, I particularly like your recipe for yellow. I shall be “borrowing” it!

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  3. Yellow and the green highlights looking fantastic across your Mechanicus

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