Posted by: Turkadactyl | April 1, 2017

Tyranids- Hive Guard

Remember when Hive Guard were all the rage? Seems like an eternity doesn’t it.  I remember the rage on the interwebs about a unit being able to shoot something without line of site.  Well the game has managed to survive that “broken” rule.

HiveGuard 1

I must admit I don’t utilized Hive Guard all that much.  I don’t play Tyranids all that much these days.  Well, I don’t play 40K that much these days either but rules fatigue has a role in that.

I tend to take a more hands on approach for tank busting with my Nids.  Hive Guard are tricky I find.  It’s nice to have a strength 8 gun but it has a 24 inch range.  I don’t want to march them forward into harm’s way but I have to due to the short range.  With two shots each with a 50% chance to hit I find that three are needed in hopes to put a glancing hit on a tank.

I prefer to take my chances with throwing close combat at a tank, therefore Hive Guard get left on the shelf.

HiveGuard 2

HiveGuard 3

HiveGuard 4

HiveGuard 5

There was something that got me excited about these models back in the day because I bought six of them.  Who knows what the next edition will bring.  It should be an interesting summer.

If you’d like to showcase your 40K models drop me an e-mail.  I’d love to showcase your work.  My e-mail address is on the sidebar.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I so want the Hive Guard to be really really good. The model is cracking and the idea of hulking gun beast is cool. I reckon they would be good in Zone Mortalis though.

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    • I never thought about Zone Mortalis. They’d be brutal. ZM is up their alley.

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  2. They always have done fine against my forces in friendly games. I usually killed them, but they did their job in terms of keeping the hive tyrant alive to do stuff. I think most people don’t use them because they want their tyrant flying.

    Nice miniatures and paint job. As with the raveners, I like their armored bits.


    • Never underestimate the walking Tyrant. I have three of them to one Flyrant.

      My issue with Hive Guard is the range of the guns. They’re in the army to bust tanks. Tanks will most likely be in the back field. There stands a good chance the Hive Guard will not be able to shoot at a desired tank target turn 1 because of the lack of range. Thankfully the guns are assault, but still the rules right now are lacklustre.


  3. If your tyrant isn’t flying off on its lonesome then I imagine they could do quite well. Those look nice and all.

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    • Tyrant Guard are the cannon fodder for the Tyrants. I make use of those. Hive Guard can’t be joined by Tyrants. These misfits are the tank busters with an Assault 2 Str. 8 AP 4 Rg 24″ gun. I find in my games they have difficulties taking Rhino’s out. The model looks intimidating but if you go up against them there’s most likely a higher priority.


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