Posted by: Turkadactyl | November 13, 2016

Sylvaneth – Spirit of Durthu

The Spirit of Durthu is the finally model from the Forest Spirit Warhost boxset.  The box included one Branchwraith, thirty-two Dryads and three Treelord.  I chose to build one of each of the Treelord, the Treelord Ancient and a Spirit of Durthu.  I plan on only building one Durthu model so I chose to run with a grey bark to balance out the future purchase of Drycha (who I plan on painting brown).


This model is a big points sink but if given the opportunity it can cause a lot of damage out on the field of battle.  If you are planning on painting up a Durthu it will be worthwhile painting the sword hand separate from the body.  The bit is fragile and tends to get in the way frequently.  In hindsight I think I would have magnetized the hand to make it easier to transport.

Games Workshop painted the open face wound red to represent fire.  I chose to go with the blue spirit look instead with my rendition.  I didn’t think the fiery red would go with the model and wanted the more subtle blue spirit look.

The gold on the WIP post was quite loud.  I wasn’t too concerned about it at the time.  having worked with gold with my Adepta Sororitas, Grey Knights and Carcharodons I knew some shade and Mithril Silver/Burnished Gold mix for a highlight would cool the gold down.  I really wanted the gold for the sword hilt and after the highlight I think it worked out.








I was tempted to buy other models for this army.  I decided to try something new and paint what I have before making any new purchases.  I’ve managed to show restraint so far.  The good news is I’ve painted all the Sylvaneth models I own.  This means I can purchase new models!  I’m looking at the Kurnoth Hunters for the next project.

Thanks for reading.


  1. This is excellent mate. I’m really, really impressed. The painting is fantastic. The blue face looks great.


  2. Cheers. this army has been a treat to paint and fun to play. Guess this means I’ll have to by some more. Well, ain’t that a pity then.


  3. Hey Turkadactyl, just found your sylvaneth posts through Google (it’s also cool that you’re a part of The House). Could I ask how you did the blue of the sword?


    • I based the sword with Rakarth Flesh and then white. I liberally applied Gulliman Blue glaze. I did a light drybrush of white after that. The final stage was highlighting all of the edges with white. I wanted to keep it simple and I was pleased with the result. i hope that helps.

      House Hi-5! And welcome to the Roost!

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  4. Wow! How did you paint this? I’m super interested in the grey scheme you did!!


  5. Great painting!

    Would you mind sharing the color scheme?


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