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Wargasm Age of Sigmar

Last weekend I attended Wargasm in Calgary.  Sunday was the Apocalypse event.  Saturday was host to Age of Sigmar.  Every player brought with them up to 400 points consisting of a leader and a battleline option.  My leader was a Branchwraith and 20 Dryads.  As the day progressed your leader gained loot that enhanced the experience gained throughout the day.  Apocalypse was the motivation to attend this event.  I left with Age of Sigmar being the more enjoyable event of the two.


My first game saw me squaring off against Tyler with Belakor.  The start of the day involved Bob and Pals (in my case Bobbi and Gals) go monster hunting to collect some loot.  I placed the Sylvaneth Wyldwood and made a mad dash for the safety and security of the trees.  Belakor was going to be a tough match.


Combat happened quickly.  I had no ranged weapons so I had to embrace the kiss of Belakor.  I managed to put a couple of wounds on the beast in the second turn.  Turn 2 saw Belakor cast Dark Master on the Dryads.  I failed the test and they couldn’t attack in combat.  Thankfully with the combination of hiding in the woods, being above twelve in the squad and mystic shield I had a 2+ save to weather the storm.


Turn 3 saw the Dryads strike back with a vengeance.  I ended up wounding Belakor fifteen times and it ended up being too much for Belakor.  Bobbi collected some loot and moved on to the next adventure.

Game 2

Tyler and I switched roles for the next game.  He pulled out his Bob and Pals (Wight King and 30 Skeletons).  I used the Treelord Ancient.


This mission was about getting Bob his loot so I didn’t lay a Wyldwood down to start the game.  Tyler had no ranged but I advanced towards him anyways.  I had no idea what was in store for me.  The Wight King gives some nice bonuses to the Skeletons, which I was about to find out.


My Treelord Ancient was not inspired to do any damage this match.  Before the big blob made contact I was only able to shoot one down.  The little feller managed to reanimate itself.  The first round of combat saw the Treelord Ancient take four wounds and cause none in return.

The Ancient cast regrowth and healed all its wounds.  This only pissed of the undead horde and they caused eight more wounds.  The Ancient managed to cause two wounds to the Wight King.  Turn four saw the Ancient heal five wounds and kill one Skeleton.  Not to mess with tradition it reanimated.  The Skeletons now surround the Ancient and 84 attacks proves to be too much and the monster is hacked down.  The Wight King receives his loot.


Game 3

The rest of the day involved teaming up with random partners.  I matched up with Greg (who played the Eldar Tron army at Apocalypse) and his Stormcast Eternals.  we played against Matt and Dave and their Duardin and Sylvaneth armies.  Our lists were mow expanded to 600 points.  I added a Treelord to quest with Bobbi and Gals.

Greg and I played the role of Corrupters; Matt and Dave the Purifiers.  The 6×4 board was divided into six sections.  The Purifiers had 48×12″ to deploy and their deployment zone counted as pure.  The goal was to purify the terrain in the other five sections.  To purify a hero had to be within 3″ of a terrain piece.  The Corrupters had half the table to deploy in (up to 36″ from the short table edge).  There was a 24″ buffer zone between the two armies.

The Purifiers start the game and Drycha cleanses the woods to the far left, off picture.  The Duardin advance towards my Sylvaneth.


Greg and I march everything forward to stop the cleanse.  I made a mistake and stopped in the corrupted woods.  I thought being in the woods would contest the objective but that was not the case.  A hero only had to be within 3″ to cleanse it.  This mistake allowed Matt to move his Duardin Lord up and cleanse the corrupted woods.  The Longbeards came crashing unto my Dryads and this began a long drawn out fight.  The Duardin were allowed to re-roll failed saves.  The Dryads had multiple save bonuses.  This meant we were taking one or two models off a turn.


The Stormcast advanced towards Drycha.  They took a few casualties along the way but once they got into combat they hit like a hammer and killed the mighty outcast in one round of combat.


Dave advanced his Dryads to assist the Duardin.  Greg moved some Stormcast to assist the blob.  Inspired by the lacklustre performance of the Treelord Ancient, the Treelord was removing one Longbeard at a time.  The Kurnoth Hunters and Duardin cannon were alternating targets.  Whenever they targeted the Treelord I would use the Branchwraith to heal wounds.


Once the dust settled the Treelord was the only model left standing.  The Kurnoth Hunters and Duardin Cannon moved back to avoid the slow advance of the Stormcast that slayed Drycha.  The game was coming to an end and it ended in a draw.  Greg and I were only able to slay two of the three heroes.  Matt and Dave ended the game with half a purified table, which was not enough for a victory.



This was a fun game regardless of the outcome.  The most impressive part (or unimpressive) was the amount of ones I rolled for the Treelord in combat.  I switched dice mid-game (I brought extra in the event of bad rolling) and everyone offered the use of their dice to stop the bad luck.  Regardless of the bad luck with dice we all had some good laughs when the ones kept showing up.  This game was full of puns as well.  I had to write some down- “The Treelord was stumped,” and “Whittling down your Dryads”.

Game 4

I moved to the table with the big bridge for the next game.  This table looked neat and I wanted to make sure I experienced game play on this board.  I was paired with Blair and his Chaos Nurgle army.  We matched up against Trevor and his Chaos Nurgle and Roman’s Flesheater Court.  The goal of this table was one team had to move an artifact off the table.  The other tandem had to stop the artifact.  Blair and I were given the task of getting the artifact off the table.  Roman and Trevor had flying units and Blair and I would have had no chance of catching Roman or Trevor if the role was reversed.  Our lists increased to 750 points per person.

The stipulation was the model carrying the artifact could not run.  We nominated Blair’s Chariot as the model.  I hid the Branchwraith in the middle of my Dryads to give the illusion that Bobbi was carrying the artifact.

This was about trying to slow the advance as much as possible.  I put my Treelord on the  bridge to stop some of the Flesh Court heavy hitters.  Blair used his Nurglings and Marauders to slow Trevor’s advance.



Blair and I had first turn and came crashing into the lines to slow the advance.  The rest of our army moved to wards the table edge.



The Nurglings did a fantastic job of slowing down the Soul Grinder and managed to take a few wounds of the contraption.

The Terrorgheist joined the party to hasten the demise of the Treelord.  Greg walked by and called it a “Treesome”.


Blair and I could only hold out for so long and the Chaos and Flesh Heater heavy hitters were quickly catching up.




We were coming to the end of the game and Roman and Trevor deduced that the Chariot or Bobbi had the artifact.  Roman had a fifty percent chance to get it right.  Bobbie emerged from the Dryads to bait Roman.  He charged the Chariot and destroyed the unit.  Roman guessed correct and stopped the artifact from escaping.


This was another fun game.  Blair and I had an uphill battle from the start based on the speed of our opponents.  We were almost able to pull out a victory and came up short.  Roman and Trevor were great to play against.  This was my favourite board to play on during the day.

Game 5

This would be the final match of the day.  I paired up with Tyler from my first game.  We matched up against Greg, my partner from game three, and Jeff who was playing a Chaos Tzeentch army.  The mission was to chase a caravan.  The side that had the most models within 3″ of the caravan after every game turn would earn one point.  The caravan would move 2D6 at the start of every turn.  There would be a lot of carnage in this game.  Each player was allowed to play up to 1100 points.

The first turn was quick.  Greg and Jeff had the benefit of having an open field on their side and were able to get the Stormcast to the caravan.  Tyler and I had to navigate around a mountain and it slowed us down.  The Treelord was able to kill one Skin Wolf from shooting.  It wasn’t enough.





This is where it went downhill for Tyler and I.  There was two units of Skin Wolves and they crashed hard into Tyler’s Skeletons.  The Skeletons lost a lot and were not able to absorb the loss.  There was a lot lost to Battleshock as well.  Tyler and I were both counting on the blob of thirty to stick around for a while and instead they vanished after a couple rounds of combat.

Tyler and I were swimming upstream after that.  We knew we didn’t stand a chance to pull out a victory but we would sure try to take down as many models as possible.  Jeff’s army was wonderful to look at so that softened the blow of our beat down.  Greg also had the pleasure of watching my Treelord actually doing some damage.

My twenty strong Dryads arrived from the Wyldwoods turn two and charged the Marauders at the caravan.  The Dryads hit hard but it was inevitable that if the game played out to the end Tyler and I would not have had much left.  We were able to rid the board of the six total Skin Wolves and that was a minor victory.

I really enjoyed the scenario.  I enjoyed so much that I am using it for Badab War YEG.  Despite the lopsided loss the game was still fun.  Greg and Jeff were humble victors and Tyler was having fun despite the loss.  Here’s some highlights from the game.











There were no awards for this event.  It was all in the name of fun and that goal was achieved.  Everyone was relaxed.  There were no rules arguments.  I’ve heard that Sigmar players are generally a relaxed and fun group to play with.  I noticed that for the weekend.  Apocalypse was not as relaxing.  For Sigmar if something wasn’t going a person’s way no problem.

If you haven’t tried Age of Sigmar yet I highly recommend it.  The game is fun and I really enjoy the company of those who play it.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Great review and write up, some cracking pictures as well. Thanks for taking the time with it.


  2. No problemo. Some of my favourite posts are photo dumps from events (I’m giving the thumbs up to you Greg). The day was a fun and worth sharing. The scenarios were a nice change as well.


  3. Awesome write-up! It was great meeting you. Your Sylvaneth army looks amazing


    • Thanks. The day was a lot of fun. No one cared about winning or losing. It was a chance to throw down some dice and shoot the breeze.


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