Posted by: Turkadactyl | October 21, 2016

Sylvaneth- Treelord

I started the week off with the Treelord Ancient.  I will end the week with the Ancient’s baby brother, the Treelord.


Careful!  You can poke an eye out with that!

When I was deciding on colours for this army I couldn’t settle on grey or brown bark.  Ultimately I went with both because they both go really well with pink.  Another reason to go with the two colours of bark is one day I plan on owning a second Treelord.  I reckoned that if the bark was different a different colour it would be easier to differentiate the two on the battlefield.

Now in hindsight there is one thing I would have done different with the assembly of this model and that is magnetizing the vines.  Sylvaneth have a lot of delicate bits and the Treelord is no exception.  I’ve already bust one of the vines  and glued it back on.  Transport is a pain with this army.  So for those of you thinking about Sylvaneth magnetize the Treelord weapons!

If you are interested in knowing the colours used for this model check out the Dryads and Treelord Ancient posts.  The logs on the base are real twigs.  I was doing burpees on a run and saw all the twigs.  I took note of the spot and came back and collected the bounty.  I primed the twigs and drybrushed them.  Super easy and worth the extra effort.




There’s an owl hanging out with the Treelord.  Did you see it?  If not time to play Where’s Waldo.  I entered this model in a painting contest on last weekend.  I ended up winning the silver for the Sigmar Monster category.  This is the model I lost too.



Those two pictures came from the GW West Edmonton Facebook page.  I expected this entry to win and rightly so it did.

Three weeks ago my wife and I ran the Spartan Beast in Sun Peaks.  She hurt her knee going down the mountain so I ran the Sprint race by myself.  Here are some highlights from that weekend.



I had a really good pose at one station but it didn’t get published.  Guess we’ll have to settle for my poor attempt at being sexy.



Thanks for reading.  I have three more Sylvaneth posts in the pipeline- the Branchwraith, Spirit of Durthu and an extended family photo.  Thanks for reading.  Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Damn that is a good looking tree! And a damn fine looking army to boot, it’s really coming along nicely.


    • Thank you sir. I apologize, no life stock selfie photos for you today.


      • That’s ok, the activity photos are making me feel bad enough as it is. I’m just going to go and have more cake, that’ll make me feel better!


      • I could go for some cake now too.


  2. Seriously good colour scheme, really well done. The winning entry was damn good however personally I prefer yours.
    Haha, that’s some swell posing right there. On a serious note, I hope your wife’s knee is getting better.
    Looking forward to future posts as always, take care bud.


    • Her knee is better thanks for asking. The race on Saturday was 24 km up and down two mountains. There was some steep down parts and she aggravated her knee. We ended up walking the last seven km. The positive out of all this is she was able to climb the rope for the first time in two years. I was really proud of her. She also finished second for her open women in her age category. Had she not hurt her knee she would have finished first.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s a bloody good effort considering the injury! It’s been a while since I ran but I remember how tough those types of courses can be (I did Tough Mudder a while back, it seems similar to what you did, though a bit less intense), looks like it was a blast.


  3. I’m not into tree monster things but this is amazing! The colours were a great choice and your skills are top notch! Well done to you sir.


    • Thank you good sir. Although my Tree folk are nervous looking at your avatar. Orks lika to carry axes and axes are good for choppa downa da trees.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Who are these terrifying Italian Orks you describe?


      • Hehe. Damn right.


  4. Really looking forward to the family photo now. You should try take a few shots outside and all.


  5. Congrats mate on the Silver, great job. Maybe next year enter them with a Armies on Parade board?


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