Posted by: Turkadactyl | October 15, 2016

Sylvaneth- Dryads

I just finished a night shift and I am waiting for GW West Edmonton to open up.  Today is Armies on Parade and I am entering my Sylvaneth.  The flock came in a couple of weeks ago and I am proud to say the army is complete.  I am really pleased with how everything turned out.  According to my wife this has been the best army I have produced so it’s time to see how it fares against the other Armies on Parade.


I will start with showcasing the Dryads.  Sure, I could show you all the other completed projects but I am going to be a tease instead and just start of with these hardy battleline troops.

For the brown bark I started of with Scorched Brown.  Next I applied Nuln Oil and drybrushed Scorched Brown, Dark Flesh, Sylvaneth Bark and concluded with Graveyard Earth.  For the pink I applied a base of Screamer Pink.  I followed that up with Druchii Violet, Emperor’s Children and concluded with Fulgrim Pink of the edge range.  I applied a little bit of white to the corners of the leaves on the hula skirts and to the inside if the flowers.

For the eyes, runes and Sprites I used white and then applied Gulliman blue glaze.  I applied a wet layer of white on the eyes and runes and drybrushed white over the Sprites.




For the grey bark I used Mechanicus Standard Grey.  I followed that up with Nuln Oil and drybrushed Mechanicus Standard Grey, Dawnstone, Administratum Grey and concluded with Longbeard Grey.




I used the tufts with blossoms to differentiate between the two units.  One unit has purple blossoms while the other has orange-pink blossoms.  I’d like to give a shout out to Vincent Venturella.  By sheer luck I happened to come across a video of his on YouTube about flock for Sylvaneth bases.  I contacted Annie, The Dice Bag Lady, (who Vince recommended in the video) and sadly she did not carry the blossom tufts anymore.  She recommended another vendor and after a couple of e-mails I gave up.  I also e-mailed Silflor, the manufacturer of the blossom tufts, and did not receive any replies.

I sent a message to Vince and he responded within a couple of hours.  It was late so I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from him so soon.  He answered my questions and told me to check out Hangar 18 Minatures.  The process with Hangar 18 was smooth and I will certainly do business with them again.

I am really happy that I came across Vince’s video by random.  I knew the blossoms would go well with the Sylvaneth.  The colours of the tufts match my theme and support the work I have done.  I am proud of the work I have done with my other armies but this is the one I am the most proud of.

Well, time to head off to the store now.  Sadly I will be sleeping so I will not be able to take pictures of the other displays.  The store will post pictures on its Facebook page so I’ll upload those once they are up and share them with all of you.

Thanks for reading.


  1. They look awesome, I love grey marines but now also grey bark warrior trees too! The pink blossom really lifts them, great work


  2. This army is a treat. Absolutely gorgeous.


  3. Stunning dude. Those bases are just awesome. I am actually lost for words. Really makes me want to start my Sylvaneth ( and nick your colour scheme 😉 )


    • Nicking the scheme is the highest form of flattery. Thanks for the kind words. You have plenty of experience with pink so I think you can pull this project off with spades.


  4. I love the colors, great looking Dryads! I am totally saving your Sylvanth for when I finally break down and build some 🙂


    • Do it. This army is aesthetically different from any other army. It will be a breath of fresh air.


  5. That is impressive work; really. As a whole the army just came together beautifully. The basing tying into the models is perfect. Amazing job!


    • Thanks. The tufts were perfect for these models. The models looked good before but once the tufts were on it just felt right.

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  6. Stop teasing! I want to see the whole army on the base. I think they are wonderful miniatures and your paint job has really helped them out.


  7. Thank you. Next post will be really soon.


  8. The new Wood Elves (Sylvaneth?) are one of my favourite armies and your colour scheme is just gorgeous. The pink blossoms remind me of cherry trees and I think it’s the daemon esque appearance of the Dryads, with their deathly pallor that really heightens the contrast against the vibrant blossoms. Just brilliant. Looking forward to seeing the other elements of the army.


    • Thanks. I’m playing my first game with a painted army tonight. I played five back in July for Seasons of War. Looking forward to seeing this group in action. Stay tuned, more posts to quickly follow.

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  9. This is the most gorgeous army I have ever seen! You have given me such inspiration for finishing off my Sylvaneth Army! Amazing job!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I look forward to seeing your progress on your Sylvaneth. These models have been a nice change to paint.

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  10. […] While looking around for ideas, I came across a Facebook post from Titan Miniatures. I liked the look of the lighter bark and purple leaves. I thought I would try something similar, with light bark which transitioned to something darker on the ends of branches. For the leaves I wanted something a little more pink/purple rather than just purple. For that I found inspiration from a Turkadactyl! […]


  11. I’m late to the party here, but I want to echo what the other commenters said.



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