Posted by: Turkadactyl | September 23, 2016

40K Blog Showcase 3

I’d like to take the opportunity to showcase some blogs out in their in the universe.  These are sites that I frequent on a regular basis.  I may not comment much but like a Genestealer Cultist I lurk in the shadows and take everything in.  If you haven’t visited any of these sites yet I recommend taking some time to visit.

Feed Your Nerd– Greg is everywhere it seems.  He’s a big fan of 40K and enjoys engaging other hobbyists on their sites.  He pulled in a painting award at last years Nova and had the honour of contributing to a Nova charity army this year.  Greg has been calling upon the power of Gork (or is it Mork) to paint an Ork army and I have been a fan watching it’s progression.  Like photo dumps of major 40K events?  Feed Your Nerd has your fix.  Heard of Dreadtober?  Greg started it all last year.  Sadly he will not be hosting this year.  It seems he is getting married so congratulations Greg and we’ll hear back from you eventually.


Broken Paintbrush– Well, on the subject of Dreadtober, Joe at Broken Paintbrush is taking over.  Joe’s site features painting tutorials and the popular Good Reads section.  Good reads highlights articles and posts worth sharing with other hobbyists.  The Watch This section is similar to the Good Reads except that it is a resource of videos to benefit the 40K community.  He is a positive voice in the community and one who posts frequently on other sites.

Sadly I will not be participating in Dreadtober this year.  My purchasing of Sylvaneth models pushed my painting schedule back.  I’m focused on finishing Sylvaneth for Armies on Parade.  Then I have 2 Drop Pods and the Caestus Assault Ram as well as scenery to prepare for Badab War YEG, which starting in November.  I will be visiting Broken Paintbrush a lot, though, to see the wonderful projects coming to life.


Creative Twilight– Thor is the man behind the vision of Creative Twilight.  The site hosts a bevy of authors with articles ranging from painting tutorials, battle reports and editorials. Never short on material their is a lot to get lost in. You’ve probably seen Thor commenting on a lot of sites too.  A proud Chaos player, Thor is determined to make the codex work.


Now, who was expecting to see Ultra Smurfs today?

Thanks for reading.


  1. I appreciate the pimpage, and so do the Smurfs 😉


  2. It’s great to see bloggers introducing talented hobbyists to new people who might not have heard of them before. Especially for their awesome projects/ gaming that they do for the hobby and the table top community. 🙂


    • Table top bloggers are great for plugging each other’s sites. It’s nice to see that support. There isn’t a sense of competition. It’s a community.

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      • Well said.

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      • Aye, I like how bloggers present their hobby projects, it’s an inspiring motivation for hobbyists who see bloggers enthusiasm for table top gaming. I’m always looking for new bloggers who post hobby posts, seeing their collections and painting guides as an inspiration.

        Since starting my blog site, I’ve been amazed at how many hobbyist I’ve seen do really stunning projects. It pretty much motivated me to actually get an army completely painted on schedule for gaming.

        The fact the theirs no competing between bloggers is a great feeling, I’ve mostly seen a lot of positivity from bloggers on each other’s comments.

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  3. I’ll certainly be looking in to them. Check these guys out too. Awesome stuff.


    • I sure will. After the weekend though. My wife and I are running a couple of Spartan races this weekend.

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  4. Cheers Turkadactyl! I agree with the sentiments in the other comments, one of my favorite things about this community of hobby bloggers is the support and comradery – even though we are spread across the globe and many times have never actually met!


    • It’s hard to find time in the day to read all these fantastic sites. Case in point, I’m replying to your comment two weeks later.


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