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I wanted to to take the time to talk about Wargasm happening in Calgary, Alberta on November 5 and 6.  I’m looking forward to this event for two reasons: 1) there is no best general award; and 2) it’s a road trip with some mates.  The Saturday will feature a narrative Age of Sigmar event and Sunday will play host to 40K Apocalypse

It was the apocalypse event that initially caught my attention.  I haven’t played an apocalypse for years.  I cannot remember the last apocalypse game I was in.  I’ve been itching for this style of game for a while now and Wargasm will fix that itch.

I was on the fence for what army to bring.  My Carcharodons are my flagship army right now.  I enjoy playing them and I am proud of the work that has gone into them.  The thing is I expect half of the armies to be Space Marines, even in a non-competitive environment.

Tyranids it is then.  Tyranids are a great choice for an apocalypse game.  The sea of chitin is a great thematic element to large-scale games.  With the current meta I will not be surprised if I will be the only Tyranid player and that suits me fine.  They will be a novelty on the table.

Here is what I plan on bringing with me:

  • Living Fortress– 2 Hive Tyrants, 3 Tyrant Guard, 3 Hive Guard.  The models get Feel No Pain, Command Node (friendly models within synapse of the Tyrant gain Preferred Enemy and Counter-attack), Fortress of Chitin (when targeted by shooting attack models gain +1 armour saves but move as if in difficult terrain next turn).  My Warlord will be in this formation.  Why not give it some extra defence.
  • Carnifex Crusher Brood– 3-6 Carnifex (I’m bringing 5).  The models get It Will Not Die and Screamer Killers (if three or more Carnifex ahve bio-plasma they can make a single hellstorm template attack.  All participating models must be in range and line of sight.  Str. 4 + # of participating models at AP 2).  Dual wielding devourer Carnifex are a standard load out.  I’m taking my five close combat beasts with dual scything talons as well as crushing claws and talons.  It will be enjoyable to see five Carnifex crash through the enemy lines.
  • Endless Swarm– 3+ Termagant broods, 3+ Hormagaunt broods.  Each brood must be minimum 20 models.  The models get Bodies Over Bullets (When targeting a unit roll a D3.  If the roll is less than the turn order may only fire snap shots) and Without Number (a single unit can return after each scheduled break.  This does not count towards the number of units you may return to play).  This formation has a great thematic element to it. My buddy Mike is most likely coming.  He hasn’t played for years so he will be my helper monkey.  I’ll need it since I plan on bringing 140 gribblies with me.
  • Shadow Incarnate– 1 Hive tyrant 3 Tyrant Guard, 2+ Zoanthropes (I’m bringing 6).  The models get Null Field (Shadow in the Warp is doubled.  Friendly Tyranid models within 24″ add 3 to deny the witch rolls), Psychic Choir (The Terror nova power with a warp charge of 3.  It can only be used by the Tyrant and add 6″ per psyker.  Str. 2 AP: 1 assault 10, blind, pinning).  This formation grabbed my attention more-so for the psychic defence.  I am expecting a lot of Space Marines and Librarius Conclaves.
  • And the rest– Tim the Dimachaeron, Malanthrope, Venomthrope x 3 and a Barbed Hierodule.  I can’t remember the last time I played with my Hierodule.  This was another reason why I chose Tyranids.  I want to use a model I forked over lots of money for.  Tim is coming because, well, the model looks freaky and fantastic.  The Malanthrope and Venomthropes are there for the obvious shrouded cover bonus they give.

This list comes out to 4000 points.  It is possible to bump it up to 5000.  If I do I will add the Subterranean Swarm which includes a Trygon Prime, 3 Units of Raveners and the option to include a Mawloc and Trygon.

The Age of Sigmar involves a narrative where your leader Bob and Pals (a battleline entry) will do battle throughout the day.  They will go up against a behemoth model as well as recruit others to seek glory.  I am using my Branchwraith Bobbi and her Gals, the Dryads, to quest.  My list will progress with the addition of more 20 more Dryads, a Treelord and a Treelord Ancient.

The nice thing is all models are painted for both systems.  I just ordered some tufts for Sylvaneth.  I’ll have enough time to get those glued to the bases.

If you’re looking for something to do November 5 and 6 then check out Wargasm.  The event organizer has booked the Ramada Aiport Inn so if you’re flying in it will be super easy to get to.  If you call the United States of America home then this weekend will be super cheap.  Check out the exchange rate right now.  It’s practically half price for you!

If you plan on going let me know.  It will be great to meet some readers in person.

Instead of my standard reading I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom Canadian icons Hal Johnson and Joanne Macleod- Keep fit and have fun.  Canadians love these two.  If you haven’t heard of them then go to Youtube and see how much time you can waste watching these fitness gurus.

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