Posted by: Turkadactyl | September 7, 2016

Sylvaneth- Treelord WIP

I’m rolling along at a good pace with the Sylvaneth models I purchased in the summer.  So far I have completed 32 Dryads, a Branchwraith and the Treelord Ancient.  The next model on the list is the Treelord.  With the Ancient I went with a grey bark.  I wanted to change it up visually so I chose to go with brown bark to match half of my Dryads.  I plan on purchasing another Treelord and I will paint that one grey.


This is with all of the base colours down and shaded where necessary.  I have already done all of the drybrushing on the wood.  I started with Scorched Brown, shade with Nuln Oil, then drybrush Scorched Brown, Dark Flesh, Sylvaneth Bark and conclude with Graveyard Earth.  I added a slight touch of Terminatus Stone to some of the edges.

For the green vines I used Elysian Green followed by Athonian Camoshade.  The pink is Screamer Pink.  I only used Druchii Violet on the “loincloth”.  For the joints I used Rakarth Flesh with Agrax Earthshade brushed over top.  The runes and sprites were painted Rakarth Flesh, then white and topped of with Guilliman Blue glaze.

I have my days off coming up.  Part of it will be filled with my annual mountain bike trip in the Canadian Rockies with a buddy.  The other half will be working in the Treelord.  I’m liking the progress so far.  Now that I have a few Sylvaneth models complete I’ve got an idea of what tone of colours work well with each other.



I will not be posting complete photos of this army for a bit.  I want to order some flower and grass tufts for the bases.  Then the models will be truly complete.  Canada Post was heading for a strike but now that a resolution has been achieved I can place my order now.  I wrote my Sigmar list for Wargasm and the Treelord is the last model I have to complete.  A shout out to my wife as well for the photos.  She is far better at photography.

Pay attention to my twitter in the next few days.  I’m going to be dropping an Easter egg.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I like it. Very cool.

    I’d like to see a shot of the whole crew.


    • Eventually. The bases are too plain right now. Some foliage will improve the models tremendously. I have two vendors to choose to buy tufts from and trying to figure out shipping rates.

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  2. Awesome work, I really like the look!


  3. Really cool man.


    • Thanks. My weekend has started so I will be plugging away at the paint table today.

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  4. Looking good. I am really trying hard to not get sucked into the new Sylvaneth (really don’t need _another_ project!) but they look so cool. The blue spirits and energy along with your pinks make them very notable.


  5. I know what you mean about starting another project. I’ve been selling stuff I knew I’d never get around to painting. It was cathartic to release some of the collection. I’m trying something new with the Sylvaneth- do not buy new stuff until I have finished painting everything I own.

    The Sylvaneth are completely foreign to anything I have painted in the past so it has been a refreshing change.


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