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Roost 40K Battle Report 021- 1250 Points Adepta Sororitas vs Astra Militarum

I left my Adepta Sororitas army from my previous game in my transport case.  I wanted the Retributors to have the pleasure of hulking-up their heavy flamers and make use of their rending Act of Faith.  I arrive at store and my random opponent is Chris, the proud owner of a Death Corps of Krieg army.  I’ve seen Chris in store plenty of times but I have never had the pleasure of playing him yet.  Chris has a great repuation and did I mention he plays Death Corps?  Sweet.

Adepta Sororitas- Order of the Refining Fire


  • St. Celestine- Warlord (Units within 12″ can use the Saints leadership for Acts of Faith and War Hymns leadership tests)


  • Battle Sisters (15 models)- Veteran Sister Superior, meltagun x2, simulacrum imperialis
  • Battle Sisters (15 models)- Veteran Sister Superior, meltagun x2, simulacrum imperialis


  • Repentia (10 models)- melta bombs for Mistress

Heavy Support

  • Exorcist- stormbolter
  • Exorcist- stormbolter
  • Retributors- Veteran Sister Superior, heavy flamer x4, simulacrum imperialis, Rhino transport

SoB Nid 001

Astra Militarum

Chris did not have a list available for me.  This is off the top of my head:

  • HQ Command squad (Warlord- minus one to one terrain piece cover save.  Chris chose the Shrine.)
  • Platoon Command squad
  • 2 Guardsman squads
  • Autocannon squad (3 bases)
  • 2 Grenadier squads
  • Centaur
  • Medusa
  • Quad Mortar
  • Death Corp equivalent of Rough Riders (5 models)
  • Aegis Defense Line with Quad Autocannon
  • I am sure there is more

We roll for mission and end up with the Relic.  I choose the side with the Shrine.  This will allow me to claim the relic and make a run for shelter.  I place a unit of Battle Sisters in the Shrine with the second to the right.  I have an Exorcist using the Shrine as cover with the second Exorcist placed on my left flank.  This will allow me to cover most shooting lanes should both Exorcist’s survive long enough.  The Retributors and Repentia are placed in Rhino’s in my center with the intent to rush the relic.  The Saint is off to my left.  I plan on jumping her into the tower and then into the guardsmen line on turn two.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  My old Samsung tablet is on its way out.  I have a super cheap Microsoft tablet and the camera quality is lacking.  I have chosen to post smaller photos to mask the poor quality.  Feel free to click on them to enlarge them.


Chris spreads his army out.  He uses the Aegis Defense Line to provide a cover save for his Medusa.  The Rough Riders are on Chris’ left flank and the Centaur finds a home to his right.  The Autocannon team uses the ruins to provide suppressing fire.  I took a photo of Chris’ army and then he told me he had more to set up.  Yeah fodder.

SoB AM 002

SoB AM 003

We roll for night fight and it’s as bright as bright can be.  Chris does not seize the initiative.

Adepta Sororitas Turn 1

The two Rhino’s rush forward to the relic and pop smoke.  The Saint jumps into the tower.  The Exorcist advances into the Shrine to gain a cover save.   It manages to navigate the ruins safely.  The Sisters in the Shrine advance forward.  They target the Grenadiers, who go to ground for a two plus save.  I manage to kill one.  The Sisters outside the Shrine progress forward to the forest.  The Exorcist’s fire at the Medusa and kill two members of the crew.

SoB AM 004

SoB AM 005

Astra Militarum Turn 1

The Centaur and Rough Riders move forward.  Chris issues his orders and the Grenadiers get back up from going to ground.  The Autocannon crew cover save is improved by one.

The Rhino’s are targeted by the big guns and they pass all cover saves.  That’s a big surprise.  I was counting on losing at least one.

SoB AM 006

The mortar fires into the Shrine and fail three out of sixteen armour saves.  I lose another Battle Sister from lasgun fire.  The Rough Riders attempt to charge the Battle Sisters in the forest and fail by one inch.

SoB AM 007

The Centaur advances to the forest and is immobilized when it creeps to the edge of the forest.

Adepta Sororitas Turn 2

The Repentia and Retributors both disembark.  The Repentia hide behind the Rhino’s to make use of cover.  They also claim the relic.  The Retributors move forward into the ruins to flame the Autocannon and HQ Command squads.  The flames sweep over the ruins and leave the Commander and his banner bearer left to pick up the pieces.  First blood is scored.

SoB AM 008

The Saint jumps forward and flames a squad of guardsmen.  There are a few survivors left.  She charges in and slays the rest and consolidates an inch away from the Medusa.

SoB AM 009

The Battle Sisters advance through the forest and use their Act of Faith to gain Preferred Enemy.  They target the Rough Riders and eliminate the threat.  The Sisters in the Shrine start to move down and target the guardsmen hiding behind the Aegis.  Four guardsmen will no longer participate in the battle.  The Exorcist’s target the Medusa and fail to do any damage.

SoB AM 010

Astra Militarum Turn 2

Chris fails his reserves roll.  The Grenadiers jump over the Aegis.  A command is issued and they gain an extra shot.  They along with a second squad of Grenadiers target the Retributors and eliminate seven from the ten woman strong squad.  The mortar targets the survivors and takes care of the rest.

SoB AM 013

The guardsmen jump over the Aegis and gain the assault 2 order.  They target the Repentia and kill two.  The rest of the Repentia are now out of charge range.

SoB AM 012

The Platoon Command targets the Saint and she is insta-killed from a plasmagun.

SoB AM 011

The Medusa targets the Exorcist in the ruins and the cover save is passed.

Adepta Sororitas Turn 3

The Saint passes her Act of Faith and resurrects.   She moves towards the Platoon Command and a Special Weapons squad.  She flames the two units and then charges the survivor of the Platoon Squad.  The guardsman is stuck on the end of the Saint’s sword.  She then consolidates towards the Medusa.

The Battle Sisters in the Shrine emerge from the ruin and target the Grenadiers and kill one.  The Repentia charge and slay the unit.

The Battle Sisters in the forest take aim at the guardsmen and kill three.

Both Exorcist’s target the Medusa and fail to do any damage.

SoB AM 014

Astra Militarum Turn 3

Chris fails his reserves roll.  The guardsmen all target the Repentia and kill a couple.  One squad has an order issued that turns their weapons to assault 2.  They charge in and are quickly cut down.  The mortar targets the Battle Sisters that emerged from the Shrine and kills eight in the squad.  The Special Weapons crew charge the Saint and die in a blaze of glory.  The Medusa fails to damage the Exorcist in the Shrine.

Adepta Sororitas Turn 4

The Repentia move towards the mortar.  They charge it and drop the relic in the process.  The mortar crew is killed and the Repentia consolidate back onto the relic.  The Saint flames the HQ command squad.  The two Battle Sister squads target the Grenadiers and kill the squad.  The Exorcist’s fail to damage the Medusa.

SoB AM 015

The game is called at this point.  Chris has a squad in reserve that will not be able to turn the tide.  I have the relic, first blood, linebreaker and slay the warlord.  Chris had superior numbers, however, my Sisters had a decent model count.  I had too many threats that Chris was not able to deal with in time.  The Death Corps are a gorgeous army and it was a treat to see this models in action.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Looked a great game, always good to see your Sisters in action. I love the DKK models too.


  2. DKK are fantastic. Chris is a big Forgeworld fan.


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