Posted by: Turkadactyl | July 11, 2016

Age of Sigmar- Sylvaneth

Well GW you finally got me.  For years I have been able to resist starting a Warhammer Fantasy army.  It’s expensive enough collecting rules for one system.  Then I have to remember a different set of rules.  Then GW has to go ahead a release Beetlejuice for the Sylvaneth.  That’s it.  Just take my money.


I’m a big fan of the Sylvaneth range.  GW West Edmonton had a Forest Spirit Warhost box and I decided to take the plunge.  The set includes 32 Dryads, 1 Branchwraith and 3 Treelords (the option to build the Treelord, Treelord Ancient and/or Spirit of Durthu).  I was like a little kid.  I assembled half the box and brought the models in the next day.  The aesthetics of the Sylvaneth line is far different from any 40K army that I own.

I played my first game of Age of Sigmar and really enjoyed it.  I’ve played an occasional game of Warhammer Fantasy over the years.  I really enjoyed the simplicity of Sigmar.  It’s a refreshing change from the complicity of 40K.

I have since assembled the whole box and I am looking forward to getting these models painted.  I apologize for the blurry photos.  D’oh.

Sylvaneth 01

Sylvaneth 02

Sylvaneth 03

Sylvaneth 04

I have contemplated colours and I have my heart set on a cherry blossom theme.  Pink is a colour that is not often seen on the table top and it will look sharp on these models.  GW, thanks for the lovely sculpts.  This army is going to be a blast to paint.


  1. There is no denying the awesome sculpting of the entire AoS range. Man, some of the WHFB stuff was just horrible. Sculpts that had not bee redone in 20 years…wait, that’s like CSM in 40K…

    Anyway, if I decided to jump into a skirmish size game, then AoS would likely be the one. The models are just amazing.

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    • If I was going to jump into a Skirmish game I would cheat and use my 40K demons. Wait until I get top hats for my other unit of horrors!

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      • I could manage it as well with my Daemons – I think, but there’s so many cool models for AoS that it would be hard to pass up buying new toys.

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      • Ooohhh, more top hats! I like.


    • The rules are super easy to catch onto. It will be nice to play some quick games. There’s a decent following of AoS at GW West Edmonton so it won’t be a problem getting some games in.

      I was happy to start up my Carcharodons army. I’m ecstatic with the Sylvaneth. I have project I want to work on for Badab War YEG. It will be tough to concentrate on those projects now.

      I eyeing up some of the bigger AoS kits just to paint them up and not necessarily to play. GW has put a lot of effort into these models and it shows. I’m looking at you Stardrake and Maw-krusha.

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  2. It is getting harder and harder to resist the call of AoS. I got my eye on Death, they got some really cool models. But the new Sylvaneth are just amazing.

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  3. Not grey enough for my liking 😉 I will watch the progress with a raised eyebrow at all this talk of AoS… What is this heresy? Excellent stuff, glad I’m not the only one like a kid in a sweet shop with new boxes…

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    • Well, if it is grey you want you may be satisfied. I’m playing with the idea of painting grey bark. I think grey and pink will look sharper than brown and pink. For the innards and weapons I plan on using a blue and white mix, which will go better with grey.


  4. Awesome. . I too love the new stuff they have bought out for this range over the last few years. The cherry blossom theme will look stunning.

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    • It was cherry blossom or fall colours. It’s the pink I am leaning towards. I don’t see too much pink on the table top so it will be a good chance to stand out. Plus, I don’t have much experience with pink so it will be nice to change it up.


  5. Why resist at all? It’s like saying no to sex, as if that’s going to happen haha. I’m not a fan of this faction, but too whispy for my liking but then again I didn’t think Id ever be building a Chaos army either. I’m looking forward to seeing them painted up man.

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    • It’s an army that is completely different from anything else I own. I like the Stormcast Eternals but they look like my Grey Knights so I was able to resist the call. I blame Arielle aka Beetlejuice for breaking me in. I had money set aside for Forgeworld and that plan changed.

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  6. I can not WAIT to see these in a cherry blossom theme!

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    • Yeah, I’m really chomping at the bit to get started on these.


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