Posted by: Turkadactyl | April 20, 2016

Space Marines Carcharodons- Deathstorm Captain WIP

I have a lot of boots on the ground so it’s time to finish some more characters.  When Shield of Baal: Deathstorm was released I was excited to get my hands on two models.  The Broodlord and Captain.  I had plenty of Tyranids and had no need of the Marines.  I sold of all the extra models and when the dust settled I made my money back and had two free models and a book with datasheets and scenarios.


I had to do some extra work with the model.  There’s no way a Carcharodon will dare wear any Blood Angels iconography.  I filed and cut of the Blood Angel filth as well as trimmed the vampire teeth.  I thought about magnetizing the arms but in the end I chose to glue all the pieces in place.  I wanted to try a grey hair.  The problem is the armour and skin is grey.  I applied Rakarth Flesh and fingers crossed I will get the grey/white hair look I want.


I changed out the Blood Angel iron halo with a generic iron halo I had in the bits box.  I pinned it into the model to give it a bit more stability.


The only part of the assembly I was not happy with was leaving the terminator crux on the shoulder pad.  It is documented that the Carcharodons wear terminator armour without the crux.  When I first assembled my Terminators I tried shaving off the crux.  It proved to be a lot of work and surface that was less than ideal.  I chose to bits order shoulder pads instead.  I had zero room for error so in the end this Carcharodon is stuck with the crux.  Guess we know who the black sheep is in this family.


Those pictures were pre-dipped model.  Now for the post-dip.





I plan on rolling a post with my first impressions with the new Angels of Death supplement.  I played a game on Saturday, with the new psychic powers.  There are some neat new tricks to pull out of the hat.  Time is a wee bit limited today so I’ll try again soon.


  1. Great looking model, and I love Rakarth Flesh- favourite paint in the range- so grim. Looking forward to the Angels of Death post, would like to know your views on it before I pick one up.


  2. He is starting to come together nicely man, bravo.


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