Posted by: Turkadactyl | April 13, 2016

Adepta Sororitas – Chapter Approved Megasaur

I used to have a fair number of White Dwarf magazines.  About a year ago I did a considerable downsize to minimize the contents in the house.  There are a select few magazines that I could not send to the recycle bin and such as #291 from April 2004.  This was released at the tail end of third edition and has some great Chapter Approved rules. One of those is the Megasaur.


This issue is full of a lot of goodies.  There is a feature on how to design a creature, which can they be released on the board to cause random mayhem.  There were Chapter Approved rules for Catachan Devils, Enslavers (psychic beings that controlled an army), Zombies and the Megasaur.  For the Megasaur all one had to do was replace Kroxigar (I think I got the name right) from the original Lizardmen Carnosaur pewter model with a rider applicable to the 40K army.  I was sold as soon as I saw this article for two reasons; 1) dinosaurs are awesome; and 2) Sisters needed a lot of help in combat.

The statline for the Megasaur was incredible for a third edition model: WS 6  BS 0  S 8  T 7  W 6  I 3  A 6  Ld 9  Sv 3+ at 170 points.  It’s a monstrous creature that if it hit with all its attacks caused a further D3 wounds on a single model.  To my knowledge I think it was only killed once in a game and I had not lost a game when this was in the list.  I haven’t played with this model for years since the rules are old by a few editions now.  I don’t think it will dominate on the table as much now considering the changes that have occurred to the game over the years.

For the rider I used a rider from the Fantasy range.  I cannot remember the name of the character I used.  This model as long since been discontinued and could have been in the Empire or Bretonian range.  It was way back in the good days of being able to bits order from GW.  I had to cut of some of the spikes on the Megasaur’s back to fit the saddle on.  One of these days I will do some touch ups on the gold to make it pop some more.  I had to cut up Space Marine shoulder pads to at least give the appearance of power armour.  The hair made it tricky to put on a backpack.






Disqus– I did some digging and for those who want Disqus I have some bad news for now.  Right now the Roost is hosted through  I have to pay some money to move over to or go to a third party host to be able to use plugins.  I am going to wait a bit before doing that.  Disqus is handy and I would like to make use of it here.  I don’t want to spend the money right now so thank you for your patience.  One day.

So with the aforementioned stat line and special rules what do you think is a reasonable points cost for this beast?  Also, if you collect Adepta Sororitas or know someone who does I’d love to showcase your army.  Let me know at


  1. The model is Lucrezia Belladonna who was a special character for Dogs of War back in 5th edition Warhammer. Very much OOP, and looking very good


    • That rings a bell. I forgot about Dogs of War. Thanks. I gave up searching the internets.


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