Posted by: Turkadactyl | February 20, 2016

Space Marines Carcharodons- Sevrin Loth WIP February 20

Here’s Loth after the varnish and then a base layer of paint applied.  I made sure to not paint over the recesses to allow natural shadows to pop.  I thought I had some photos of Loth with just the varnish.  Sadly I do not and that is an oversight I made.  It’s too bad because it would of shown the difference between a dipped model and then going a few steps further and doing actual highlights.  The varnish is great for keeping the base paint on the model.  I find that paint rubs off easy from Forgeworld models (especially black), however, the varnish is a great seal.


There is a big improvement compared to the last post.  I miss the ink GW sold years ago.  I find that the Army Painter shades come close to producing the kind of effect that the inks did.  The shadow is the recesses is sharp.  I went over all the blue areas with Army Painter blue.  I painted the robes and parchment as well.  the white decals pop out on the blue armour.  I wasn’t pleased with the Leadbelcher slab of metal that Loth is stepping on.  I painted it black after this photo and drybrushed it with Necron Compound.  All I have to do now is highlight the model and it’s time for Loth to have some fun on the game board.  I’ll only use the Loth rules if my opponent agrees since I’m playing Carcharodons and Loth is a Red Scorpions Librarian.






  1. Nicely done, he is really coming together.


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