Posted by: Turkadactyl | February 7, 2016

Space Marines Carcharodons- Tactical Marines Squad C

For now this is Squad C.  I haven’t come up with any names for any of my Sergeants yet.  If you have any suggestions befitting the Carcharodons drop it in the comments.  This squad has been sitting on the projects list for a long time.  I had quite a few Carcharodons base coated and dipped prior to getting back in business here at the Roost.  This squad has been waiting patiently for two plus years to be completed.  Since I started painting them prior to blogging there will not be too many pictures of the progress.


There were two big motivating factors to getting this unit completed.  The GW West Edmonton Nemesis painting challenge and the Out of The Basement event.  Challenge accepted and mission accomplished.  With true Carcharodon fashion there is a mixture of the different Mk power armour.  These first pictures show the models dipped and the power armour painted over with Mechanicus Standard Grey.  The black and gold have also been highlighted.  The Sergeant is shown with the black on the helmet and teeth on the left shoulder pad.  The arms on the Sergeant are magnetized.  The special weapon marine also has a magnet in the right hand so the special weapon can be switched.





I used Assault Marine bits for the MkVI armour.  The Carcharodons go running into combat and the Assault Marines represent that better.  I also needed chainswords and bolt pistols for the chapter tactics.

Now here is the final product with all highlights.  I also used the lightbox for the next photos.  Let me know if you prefer the white or grey background.  My preference is grey.  The editing is a lot easier.








If you collect Carcharodons or know someone who does I would like to showcase the models on the Roost.  I can be reached at


  1. Those look ace. Now we really need an army shot of everything coming together. Only thing I would say is the bases being a different colour might help the models pop a bit more. Thy blend in a touch at the moment.

    For preference I’d stick with the grey backdrop as well.


  2. The bases are Leadblecher with Nuln Oil. Now that I have Necron Compound I may try and give them a light brush. The yellow and red are intentional for the contrast on the bases. Any suggestions for another colour on the bases?

    I plan on getting an army shot eventually. The Nemesis painting challenge goes to the end of June. I’ll probably get an army shot done after that. I have a fourth Tactical squad, five more Assault Terminators, 2 Librarians, 10 Assault Marines, Chaplain, the Captain from the Shield of Baal set, 3 Vindicators, a Land Raider Achilles to contribute to Nemesis. Then I will assemble and paint the Caestus Assault Ram.


  3. What color gold did you use? I wanted that type of gold which was bright and clear but not overly yellow but I couldn’t manage it and ended up switching to a bronze to tone down the metallics.

    I especially like the Mk V guy and the Mk III guy, they have a lot of gold bits to stand out, and I like that you decided to make the edges of the Mk III plate gold, it looks really ornate and interesting compared to leaving it grey.

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    • It is Burnished Gold. It is from a previous line of GW paints. I stocked up on it because my Sisters and Grey Knights armour are gold. I like to have two main colours and two supporting colours on my armies. Carcharodons are grey and black with gold and white for supporting.

      In Imperial Armour there was one picture where the Tactical Marine’s power armour was bordered with gold. I preferred that over the black border. It’s a nice contrast that complements the black and gold. Plus I have a lot of Burnished Gold to use so why not.


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