Posted by: Turkadactyl | October 26, 2015

Armies on Parade 2015 – GW West Edmonton

Armies on Parade happened on October 24 and I can now show you what happened at GW West Edmonton.  I was having issues with transferring the photos and the problem has been solved.  I won the 2014 event with the Carcharodons.  Will I be able to repeat?  I present to you the 2015 participants.


2014 was the first time I entered an Armies on Parade.  I believe there was thirteen participants in total.  It was a great honour to receive the gold medal.  I look forward to Armies on Parade, not only locally, but worldwide as well.  There are a lot of creative gamer’s out there and Armies on Parade is a good opportunity to see all the time spent on the hobby.  One area that Edmonton 40K hobbyists lag behind in is displays and I am no exception.  For those of you who have been spending time at the Roost have seen the progress with the Shrine of Aquila and Honoured Imperium statue.  I consider those tame compared to many of the lavish displays over the years.

I was disappointed with the participant turnout this year.  There were only six participants.  There were around twelve who signed up to participate.  Too bad.  Sadly, those names will not be remembered.  These participants will though.  Thanks to everyone who submitted their models this year.

I’ll start off with my army first.  I painted Grey Knights with an Inquisitorial ally up for the 2014-15 Nemesis Painting Challenge.  My reward for myself for completing the challenge was entering the models in Armies on Parade.  You will notice that my Games and Gears Hawk Urban battle board is missing.  I was painting two tiles up with the intent of using one for Armies on Parade.  I checked with the store manager beforehand and since it is a third party tile it was not permitted.  It was the answer I was expecting.  It makes sense- as a company why would GW want to promote a competitor’s product?  I do plan on getting a Forgeworld Realm of Battle tile for display purposes eventually.  The Canadian dollar has to improve against the British pound stirling for that to happen.









Next I present Jerrod Currie’s Khorne Daemonkin.  If you have read or watched my battle reports then you will be familiar with these models.



Tiny Tim



Mackenzie Hart contributed his Skitarii to the event.  Mackenzie has been part of the hobby for less than a year and his painting has improved very quickly.  I look forward to watching his painting skills improve over time.  I am really impressed with how well he paints right now.  He paints much better than I did in my first year of the hobby.





Nik Stechishin has unleashed a plague of filth on the event.  I cast my vote for Nik’s display.






Sebastian Chmiel put a lot of time on his board.  He used a few cans of clear resin to give an ice effect.  Unfortunately his display board bowed when the resin dried.  The bright blue was eye grabbing and it was easy to gravitate to his display.






The last participant was Andrew Werbiski.  Andrew was working on the new Stormsurge for his display.  Impressive for getting such a big model assembled and painting for the display.  Andrew received bronze for his Wood Elves for the 2014 Armies on Parade event.





Now it is time for the drum roll.  The top three armies for GW West Edmonton Armies on Parade 2015 is…

Sebastian Chmiel- bronze


Turkadactyl- silver


Nik Stechishin- gold


Congratulations Nik!  This was his first time participating in Armies on Parade.  I hope he enters his Skaven next year.  The few models he has painted up so far look fantastic.  It was a close match.  Nik beat me by three votes.


  1. All really nice looking armies, and congratulations on the silver award!


  2. Thanks. It is an honour to have random people come into the store and vote for my army. It is a shame that there were not more people participating. Fingers crossed there are more next year. I’m sure you’re glad to see Nurgle do well. I’m glad for Nik. He takes a long time to paint so it is good to see his hard work pay off.


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