Posted by: Turkadactyl | July 31, 2015

Adepta Sororitas – Zealots / Inquisition – Acolytes / Necromunda – Redemptionists

These are my jack of all trades models.  They are the Redemptionist models from Necromunda.  I can also use them as Acolytes for Inquisition or Zealots for Adeptas Sororitas.  I painted these up for the ally contingent for the GW West Edmonton Nemesis painting challenge.

Redemptionists 001

When White Dwarf 292 was released it contained Chapter Approved rules for Zealots to be included with a Sisters of Battle army, now known as Adeptas Sororitas.  Artwork for the Zealots matched the Necromunda Redemptionist models.  I was hooked and wanted a swarm to add to my existing army.  The great thing about these models is I can use them for Necromunda, Inquisition Acolytes or for Adeptas Sororitas (fun home games since the Zealot rules are slightly outdated).

I have 60 models in total.  My original scheme consisted of a Bestial Brown robe with a Midnight Blue cowl.  These models are updated to the colours that match my current Adeptas Sororitas.  I look forward to having a mob of 60 out on the table.

I have never played Necromunda but would love to one day.

Redemptionists 002

On a different note I just bought the Dawn of War II expansions on Steam.  Look up Turkadactyl on Steam if you want to play.  I don’t game too often so I’m not all that good.


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